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Found 5 results

  1. Hey so i got a problem. Ive paid the CS:GO Full cheqat like 16 hours ago with BitPay but its still pending?
  2. Hi guys. I just want to write a small review about the RoyalHack Cheat for CSGO. I started cheating about 1-2 months ago. It was a hard decision on which cheat I should get. I was checking a lot and luckily I came to the decision to start with this one. Ofc I wanted to check out other Cheats and went through a lot of paid ones and tried a lot of Copy Paste Cheats. I really liked the Copy and Paste Cheats and tested like 10 of them. I even overwrote some of them and made one by myself. But after comparing all of those Cheats I tested in this short time, I really have to say that RoyalHack has the most OP and godlike Cheat for playing Legit and even sometimes HvH (obv without Antiaim/Spinbot). --------------------------------------------- Why do I think this Cheat is so awesome? Its pretty easy to answer. First of all I really love the aimbot. You can configurate it so detailed and it has way more configs than any other cheat I tested. The best feature of the aimbot is that it actually stays on the head even tho when you spray. The recoil controll is just awesome you should just test it out and make your own opinion. Every other cheat never had this kind of recoil controll. It actually uses the spray patterns and aims down for you. The Triggerbot is actually like every other one but I have to say that it is perfect and thers nothing wrong with that. The skinchanger is the best one I had so far. You can even use skins from a specific weapon for one which actually doenst exist with this skin. The last feature I really enjoyed was the comunity itself. They are always there to help and you can also use their configs which I would really recommend to check out and use!!! There are some godlike Legit configs which wont get you OW banned if you use your brain a bit --------------------------------------------- What I really want to see in the feature! I have to say the ESP is really good and you can also configurate it perfectly but what I really miss are the Chams! I heared that they may be in progress so I will be glad to see it soon Edit: Tracelines for grenades would be a nice feature too. I really have to say if you are new to cheating and dont want to get your account banned get this one! It is just the best I had so far and got myself finally to Global Elite within about a month. I wish you guys good luck and hope that I could give you a good look into this Cheat. (sry for any spelling mistakes or other)
  3. Hi! I wanna find the best site with a relatively good price. I found this the best, so how much the hack rly costs?
  4. Hello everyone This week end, the Team Fortress 2 Hack will be free for everyone ! And you can also win 1 year of TF2 Hack for free ! Contest is simple, the best rage video on YouTube using Royal Hack will win ! Just reply to that thread with your YouTube video to participate. Bring your hacking buddies, and pwn everyone on Team Fortress 2 Free weekend start: 17/02/2017 8PM Free weekend end: 19/02/2017 10PM 1 Year Contest end: 24/02/2017 1AM
  5. Could I run my private cheat while simultaneously running your cheat? would this get me vacced? would they cancel each other out? I want to know because i would like your aimbot etc. but i have my own ESP..... could i run my ESP and your aimbot pack?
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