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  1. Paniic

    Code Lock Hack ?

    Ohhh okay thats alot . ?
  2. Paniic

    Code Lock Hack ?

    it is possible with insta Health ? like every 10 codes, u use utomatically a healthpack or syringe ?
  3. Paniic

    Rust hacks

    no men
  4. Paniic

    What countries are you guys from?

    Hey Guys German Boy
  5. Paniic

    Rust closed automatically

    yeah all option. With new Win7 is all good
  6. Paniic

    Rust closed automatically

    Yeah with fress Win7 is the Problem away only 4 Hours with Programms and Update PS: I love this Cheat, great Work guys
  7. Paniic

    Rust closed automatically

    AV and firewall disabled, not better. All win system file upgrade. all other games on steam function properly, only rust ... i hope with the rust update is my mistake away, when not ... win 7 NEW
  8. Paniic

    Rust closed automatically

    Hmmmm this is a Option. i hope i find a other way to fix that, then not .... new windows pls ... thanks for your Answer
  9. Paniic

    Rust closed automatically

    no my Rust game closed automatically after 2-5 min with and without Cheat. Its not a cheat problem, only Rust problem. My question is, can everybody help me or know this problem. i became no Crash Message, it simply closed. dont know wehre is the problem.
  10. Hey guys, need your help. yesterday i played over 5 hours rust and today my rust closed automatically after 2-5 min without any message, like crash or something. all tested, restart PC, verify Cache, disabled Anti vir, disabled CCcleaner, reinstall Rust, Regedit updated, Windows Update, Nvidia Update, install Mem Reduct. Nothing Helped. Pls who can help me Thanks
  11. Paniic

    Rust Invite only?

    Hey Guys, Iam not invited, its okay. All players who can play with this hack ...good luck and have fun Hope anytime is my time too. Your, a long time use Rust hack, Paniic Cheers, ?
  12. Yeah thanks for this Info. Cant wait to get the cheat
  13. Paniic

    Rust Steam Account sell allowed ?

    yeah its safe. if people want it, PM me.

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