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  3. Kamay is like the best
  4. Earlier

    Rust hack

    it's not out atm
  7. shadshirk69

    Rust hack

    Am I able to get rust hack? Had it back in 2017 and went a little while without a pc. Haven’t played since legacy and I miss Aimboting people 😂
  8. Thanks bro, how often does it get detected?
  9. The hack features RCS, which stands for Recoil Control System, so yes no recoil is available. The hack is mainly made for legit hacking
  10. Hello, I'm new to royal hacks and I wanted to know some things about the Royal Hacks CSS cheat. Does it have anything like a no recoil option? Also is the aimbot believable as I plane to do legit hacking as it is called. Anyway that's all the questions for now.
  11. it was for real. just using an exploit
  12. Now do that for real and maybe ...
  13. Bet none of u are bigger ballers then me men
  14. You misunderstood the purpose of our HWID Resets, it's only related to RHClient authentification, it will not change your computer HWID.


    they're not for sale atm
  16. Nice From the old plain one It's an upgrade
  17. Mustachee2


    Hello, how I can buy cheats on rust please?
  18. So about a year ago I got banned for the 2nd to last time any way wanted to ask a question I put this in the chat box but this is more appropriate Sorry Lol well any way I was wondering if I could have advice on the matter Cuse ive been banned 5 time's with out chain account ban's So Am I Hwid soft ban and I can use minor hwid reset Or major For hard ban And I tried UC But there a bunch of Cuck's lol and this website is the only one ive found to have a hwid reset thx For your time Reading This have a nice day
  19. Must one up you in soundtracks it seems
  20. Yay, was bored of old theme, and front page always been missing, so yea ...
  21. Hello, TF2 Hack features a projectile prediction, there is room for improvement tho. The TF2 Hack is focused on legit hacking, so yea
  22. Hi i was planning to get TF2 hack but wanted to know if it got projectile prediction and can it look legit ?
  23. The site looks much cleaner and easier to navigate. It also gets straight to the point which is another +1. Love it, I'll be purchasing a new sub soon, the hack is great!
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