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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Hack
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  • PUBG Hack in development
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  1. Yesterday
  2. Gmod Hack Nut Wurking

    If the hack cannot be updated anytime soon, is it possible to rather add to my CSGO subscription instead with the payment I already made to the GMOD subscription?
  3. Last week
  4. Fastest way to level up? [CSGO]

    I just usually rage hack in death match till im competitive ready lol
  5. Gmod Hack Nut Wurking

    It might be outdated, i'll take a look tonight, will add days to your subscriptions.
  6. Gmod Hack Nut Wurking

    When i try to launch Garry's Mod with the hack i get the "Unable to inject into target process". I have already checked the common issues thread and took off discord overlay, tried multiple accounts, restarted pc, and reinstalled gmod. Am i missing something? If nut wurk, a refund would be appreciated EDIT: CSGO hack works just fine for me, but not the gmod one
  7. CSGO GHOST Chams

    this weekend, i hope. it's "done", just need to make it "user friendly"
  8. CSGO GHOST Chams

    When will this future be out??
  9. Earlier
  10. CSGO WTF Chams

    finally ecks dee
  11. CSGO GHOST Chams

    looks bad ass good job unstug
  12. CSGO Head Chams

  13. D3D Mess

  14. Ordered W/ BTC ~20 hours ago, still pending

    I will take a look at your transaction @unkn
  15. Becoming Trusted

    What Gekk0 said.
  16. Thanks for the nice review
  17. Becoming Trusted

    The Admins decide who are trusted and who are not.
  18. Becoming Trusted

    I don't know if this has been asked or addressed before but how does one become trusted? Aside from being active.
  19. Hello, I've got the same issue paid days ago still shown as pending.

    hope you found this useful guys
  21. PUBG hack

    You must have a rank to apply for the cheat. Donator, premium, etc.
  22. Can't upload profile picture?

    You must have a rank(donator/premium/trusted) to change your profile picture or chat in the shoutbox.

    This is useful, thanks
  24. Hello. For some reason I can't edit my profile, upload profile pictures, or comment on the chat box. Anyone can help me on why this is happening? Thanks.
  25. Rust hagging

    Sick! Hopefully the wait wont be much longer.
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