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  1. Last week
  2. Thank you, that is really nice to hear good feedbacks from our customers Glad you like our products and hope you are here to stay ! If you have any suggestions, issues, do not hesitate to contact us on forums, or on Discord.
  3. I purchased the CS:GO Hack and I was a bit sceptical at first but everything went smooth and easy. I had a few problems which I solved within 1 minute just by writing to the support on the Discord! Pleasure being your customer and I write everything in general as 10/10! Don't hesitate to buy subscription!
  4. Earlier
  5. Updated: Instead of 4 days this process now gives you a whole week !
  6. Hello everyone, It is now possible to refer your friends, for each CSGO/CSS/TF2 hacks purchases/renewals, you will earn 2.00€ to use on the Royal Hack's Store. With only 5 people referred, you will have enough credits to purchase a whole CSGO Hack month for free ! It's time to tell your friends, or spread your referral link online ! All you have to do is to send your referral link to someone before they register to our website. Find your referral link:
  7. How can i get an invite for the PUBG hack?
  8. old accounts are deleted. this is a new project and thus you need a new subscription
  9. Hi it's me Maris i have had an account but cant seem to login to it can some mod or admin help me restore my old account? name was simply "Maris" i am a cheap subscriber please help me restore my account. i can provide proof that its me (can reply on facebook) yt: facebook:
  10. Thanks for the reply. Yeah i already did purchased.
  11. I think you need to Pm Unstuck for btc payment. He will send you btc adress.
  12. Like the title said. I don't find a way to pay with BTC. ordered and when i went to click 'pay now', its directed me to paypal checkout.
  13. UnstucK


  14. All products currently on sales works both on AMD and Intel CPUs
  15. Hi guy does the cheats work on amd
  16. Hi guy does the cheats work on amd
  17. Sure will change your css sub to csgo
  18. Hello! I accidentally bought CSS HACK instead of CSGO HACK, could it turn my cheat into CSGO HACK? ;d I will be grateful, greetings
  19. Sorry, but mine's clearly better.
  20. ive been wanting to get my hands on rust hacks for about a month and i was just wondering when they will be back in stock
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