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  3. You really should take some time to setup your own, the hack allows many customization options for your aimbot, it will really depends on how you plays.
  4. Hi, I can't find ready configs settings on the forum, I need 3 types: 1.light 2.mediocre 3.hard (HvsH) thanks !!!!
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  6. https://t.me/royalhacknet Our Discord server has been banned recently. We are not coming back to Discord. Talk with us on Telegram !
  7. From 4.00 EUR/week
  8. It's here ! GTA 5 & FiveM hacks are now available ! Supports Steam / Epic / Rockstar versions, online & solo. Also supports FiveM v2189 & v1604. More versions to come soon ! It's still in development so expect many changes & fixes soon
  9. Currently in active development (27/07/2021)

    From 4.00 EUR/week
    From 0.00 EUR for first week
  10. From 4.00 EUR/week
  11. From 4.00 EUR/week
  12. The hack is not detected. It's undetected since many years, and no recent VAC updates anyway so ...
  13. nice guys. i got vac banned.! how is it even possible to sell a cheat on large scale and cant even make it vac proof? wow.
  14. Thank you very much, it is really appreciated Glad you like our product And by the way, nice nickname !
  15. Review time 2021. Aimbot Legit(10/10): This is where RoyalHack really shows the work that's been put in. The legit aimbot is incredibly well put together and if used correctly you'll never get called out. Just play smart and even try out some of the community made configs. Aimbot Rage(6/10): The rage aimbot isn't finished and neither is it very advanced, though it does the job don't expect too much from it. RoyalHack can function perfectly as a rage hack against any legit player but in any instance another player is cheating you may be challenged. ESP(10/10): Classic. There's nothing comparable to RoyalHack when it comes to a visual style. Most styles like this have long been forgotten or completely removed but RoyalHack stays loyal to its early 2010's roots keeping a classic and easy on the eyes ESP. Misc(10/10): The misc section includes all necessary features such as Bunnyhop, Autostrafer and Infinite duck. There isn't much to say about the misc section but since it includes all features you'd need it's a solid 10/10 from me. I won't be reviewing any of the other features such as Crosshairs & Radar. They work as advertised with no fault. Summary; RoyalHack is still on top with a logo fitting to the name. RoyalHack in every way deserves the crown and I'm proud to use something so reliable and consistent. If you need a good and safe to use CS:GO cheat RoyalHack is the way. Their prices are far beyond fair for the product you get. Every king deserves a crown. Get RoyalHack.
  16. I know this is very late, but I can say with 100% confidence that this cheat is 100% better and more stable than lmaogarbage.
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