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  • GMOD ESP Released
  • Left 4 Dead 2 Hack in development
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  3. Skin changer

    The skin changer works fine, and is one of my favorite to use because of simplicity and how fast the loading is with it.

    maybe h1 will be released sometime i saw something in the trusted chat awhile back about it, if not oh well, pubg is just as fun a game
  5. Skin changer

    The skin changer is in the full version.
  6. Skin changer

    yes RH has skinchanger, all skins and knives even the custom one's but no glove skins.
  7. Last week
  8. Thx for the info. Maybe in the future yep PUBG won all players now ^.^ Both cool games if you have some advantage , things like ESP ^^ I hope for one day it's mine turn to use it
  9. Honestly I don't plan to support H1Z1 anymore. Battleye is really tricky and H1Z1 is dying... I won't have enough time to support it, imo.
  10. Is there anymore info for an h1z1 invite? The only research I can find is the priority goes to PUBG first. So but if they can Bypass BE on pubg it will be ready for both games soon?
  11. bank transfer

    hello, i wanted to ask if its possible to buy the hack through a bank transfer? i cant pay through paypal since they locked me and i dont know anything about buying bitcoins, so yeah. answer would be appreciated. regards
  12. CSGO - MM Hacking Using | RoyalHack

    obvious af lmao nice video
  13. Skin changer

    Does royalhack provides skin changer, I know it is on the list but never saw in the showcase of royalhack csgo And does the skinchanger has stattrack which is working ?
  14. Pugb ETA for BEta

    No ETA. Sorry.
  15. Pugb ETA for BEta

    any Eta on the open BETA for the pugb, i come for it and also COD 2
  16. pubg

  17. pubg

    how i buy pugb cheat?
  18. pay with skins

    Hello. Yes i can help you with that, but you will little overpay due to payment method you're using.
  19. ARK Survival Evolved

    I don't plan to hack this game.
  20. ARK Survival Evolved

    Do you have a plan on ARK Survival Evolved? In game there are servers without support for anti-cheat(non-battleye) I would like to see hack for this game,thx
  21. Earlier
  22. we should queue sometime i have prime just let me get through this 3 week griefing ban lel
  23. You finally got prime, haha. Nice one.
  24. Fastest way to level up? [CSGO]

    operation coin quests are the fastest if you are willing to buy it on a account you will probably lose
  25. Rust & PUBG Hack updates

    Hello everyone The Rust hack has been updated and is undetected since almost 2 months, I'm not confident enough yet with the production stage of this product so it's still not available for sales, YET ! PUBG hack also follow the road. We will soon open up BETA Testing again, not for the features as they already are battle tested, but for the undetection, that will require 50 persons on both PUBG and Rust hack. We will review peoples based on our own criterias, but for the fun we won't be too strict, just to see if EAC/BE is able to detect us right away or not. Like we used to do, Trusted, some Premiums and Donators will be able to apply for the BETA of those products. Stay tuned. ps: Once PUBG/Rust security will be ok, we will go ahead and release new hacks for other games. psps: We also plan to hack Fornite, as it is based on UE4 too and BE protected.
  26. pay with skins

    is there a way to buy esp with skins?
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