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[README] Frequently Asked Questions & Rules

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  • Can I purchase the hack ?
  • Requirements ?
    • Windows 7/8/10/11 
      • 32/64 bit supported
      • All versions (home/pro/whatever)
    • Direct3D compatible graphic card. (should be in 99.99999% cases)
  • Is the hack internal or external ?
    • Hack is fully internal
  • Can I edit my profile ?
    • Only donators can (profile picture, cover picture, ...)
  • Can I be refunded ?
    • We only refund IF the hack is not working on your system, after investigation (we actually log the behaviour of our software on your system, see next point for more informations)
  • What kind of data do you retrieve on my system ?
    • The only system-specific data we retrieve is your Hardware ID (HWID*), otherwise our software will only communicate some debugging information useful for us to diagnose your issues like if your injection was/wasn't successful, few type of errors ...
  • Can I get banned using RH ?
    • If we are selling, then we are sure about our security. But shit can happen, game development studios, nowadays, invests money & time into tracking down hackers, so we are never 100% protected with any kind of solutions especially when it's being sold massively and the fact that the anticheat team can grab our software to make deep analysis of our behavior.
    • If you think you can protect your hacking better than we do, we don't force you to buy, and congrats.
    • Rage behavior is dangerous in most recent games because of reports, you can be banned this way, and that's not our fault in anyway.
  • Can I try out the cheat ?
    • We don't offer trials, however, most hacks have a weekly subscription available, at a cheap price. Enough for a feedback :) 
  • I need help !!
    • If you have pre-sales questions about the hack or whatever, you can use the public forums "Pre-Sales Questions", we will get back to you shortly
    • For software / hack issues or suggestions, you MUST use the private area.
  • Can I share my account / software ?
    • Completly forbidden and logged, you will be banned without warning, sorry.
    • The piece of software you download is unique and account-specific, it's also CONFIDENTIAL. Using it on another system might have unexepected behaviour, you are warned and we are not responsible.
  • HWID ? I want to format my computer ...
    • On your first login, your Royal Hack account will be linked to your computer, permanently.
    • You will not be able to use the client with your account on any other PC that the one registered.
    • If you want to use the client on another computer, you will have to buy an HWID Force Reset on our store to validate the new hardware.
    • Re-installing Windows, will not change your HWID, only hardware upgrades will.


*HWID: Non exhaustive list of what kind of data we can retrieve/log:

  1. HDD Number
  2. CPU
  3. GPU
  4. Motherboard (including BIOS firmware version)
  5. Operating System
  6. Session name
  7. IP
  8. Basically a complete hardware cartography is possible. We never read your filesystem for any kind of personal data or whatever, we ain't royalrat.

To be completed.

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On 05/12/2016 at 6:19 PM, UnstucK said:

Updated your update.

And I updated your update.


  • Can I suggest Hack vs Hack Features ?
    • Pointless, we will not add this kind of features. (AntiAim for example)
    • We focus on selling safe hacks against anticheats, HvH in most games will get you banned because of the reports.
    • HvH usually gets played on non secured server, hence you don't need Royal Hack and any public hvh hack will do the job for your own entertainment.
    • HvHing on secured server is dumb because of reports, and we don't want people crying against us because they got banned.
    • In some games, we might add some pure evil features, we will decide if that's a good idea or not for your own safety.
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Updated again

  • What's the difference between Aimbot, ESP and Full Packages ?
    • Aimbot includes all features related to aiming assistance
    • ESP includes all features related to visual assistance
    • Full includes both Aimbot & ESP, all in one.
    • Aimbot, ESP and Full packages always includes the following
      • Config Manager
      • Color Manager
      • GUI
      • Secure Loader
  • I bought Aimbot/ESP, can I upgrade to Full ?
    • You can upgrade from Aimbot to Full
    • You can upgrade from ESP to Full
    • You can't merge both Aimbot & ESP into Full (so don't buy both).
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