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  1. UnstucK

    Team Fortress 2 Hack Query

    Can see the TF2 hack in this video And here too
  2. Hello everyone, On 25th May 2018, any person living in EU can ask a business/website in EU to erase all personal datas they have about him/her. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Data_Protection_Regulation While we think that's pure non-sense, RH is linked to a french company, so we have to fit those rules. That's why it is now possible for the whole Staff of royalhack.net to share with you all the personal datas we have about you (website related) and we are also able to anonymise your account completely. IP Adresses are removed from our database after 30days. As for the loader part, I had to get rid of several hardware logging, but I kept the most important ones which allows us to clearly identify your computer in order to lock your subscription to that said computer. An automated system is yet to be implemented for those stored datas, I am working on it (sharing/deleting them, just like website data). The whole staff will soon be able to handle that loader HWID part too. So yes, as of today we are GDPR ready. ps: Invoices and Customers Datas can NOT be completely removed from our database as they are legal documents needed in order to justify each payments.
  3. UnstucK


    I would like to hack BF5 yea, escape from tarkov however is not planed
  4. UnstucK

    [HTML5/CSS3] Achievement -style skillbars

    Simple and looks nice :) neat
  5. UnstucK

    Website suggestion

    If one day I have enough supported games, I will :)
  6. UnstucK

    CSGO Full Hack

    UI Windows should be saved already. Open windows, move them, save cfg, it should be there next time :)
  7. UnstucK

    Fortnut or pubg

    The recent pointer encryption won't help
  8. UnstucK

    Fortnut or pubg

    I'm more a PUBG guy, Fortnite is fun however, but yea I prefer more real-looking games like PUBG. The main issue with PUBG is that it's over bugged + performances are pure trash; Game developpers just didn't know what to do when they started coding that cash machine, they failed. Otherwise, I bet Fortnite wouldn't had been that successful (well or not, kids loves Fortnite cuz it's cartoonish & free).
  9. UnstucK

    [CS:GO FULL]

  10. UnstucK

    CSGO FOV Changer

  11. UnstucK

    CSGO Full Hack

  12. UnstucK

    CSGO Full Hack

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  13. UnstucK

    CSGO Full Hack

  14. UnstucK

    CSGO Full Hack


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