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  1. UnstucK

    TF2 silentaim

    On Team Fortress 2 the Silent Aim feature is not the same as the old source engine exploit (which doesn't work anymore) called pSilent. In fact, while you don't see your own view angles being modified, spectators will see you aimbotting. Use with caution.
  2. UnstucK

    Bonjour, je suis nul.

    Alors oui je travaille sur une solution qui SERA efficace contre ces anticheats (BE/EAC), après je manque cruellement de temps, c'est la raison pour laquelle ça avance très (trop ?) lentement. Qui plus est, la solution sur laquelle on bosse, c'est complexe, et je dois bien avouer que pour le moment je suis pas à l'aise avec ce truc, vous en saurez d'avantage en temps voulu, mais we normalement on sera les seuls à avoir implémenté ça, et si ça aboutis le résultat sera en rendez-vous. Bref, en attendant, c'est moitié moitié entre correction/évolution des cheats qui se vendent actuellement et la partie sécurité. L'objectif étant que personne ne se fasse ban
  3. UnstucK

    Bonjour, je suis nul.

    Bonjour, Malheureusement le cheat Rust est toujours en maintenance (detecté), donc pour le moment impossible de l'acheter/tester.
  4. UnstucK


    Thanks a lot for your feedback, much appreciated
  5. UnstucK

    CS:S Hack Review

    Thanks for your review. I will add those missing bones (thought these were already into) and will take a look at bypassing SMAC. I guess I already know how to do that, will give it a try.
  6. UnstucK

    EFT maybe?

    Was planed. Bought and installed the game. Rage quitted after my 1080Ti couldn't run it with stable frames per seconds ratio. So, unless the game is fully done & over patched, NO
  7. UnstucK

    CS:GO Full Package Review

    Thanks a lot for your review, and the video. I also would cheat this way in Match Making, low aimbot & toggleing visuals only sometimes
  8. UnstucK

    CSGO Bugs & Suggestions

    Aimbot Randomization is doable, however it's not yet required for "VACNet", but yea why not. Ability to change position of ESP, I prefer not to implement such customization, it's our ESP Style (signature) and I would like to keep it as is, the rest is fully customizable, colors & fonts, in order to make your ESP style unique. Thanks for reporting the bugs since the skin changer update, I'll take a look, I also noticed the default T knife animation issue.
  9. UnstucK


    We don't have any hwid spoofer available yet.
  10. UnstucK

    csgo suggestions

    That can be tweakable indeed, but I would, instead, prefer a binding system to load configs on the fly. That's a work in progress for the next iteration of the framework. Press F1 load Sniper config, press F2 load rage config, press F3 load visuals only ... whatever... The hack doesn't include wall penetration testing. It's a fair amount of work to do, which should be done but later on.
  11. UnstucK

    csgo suggestions

    Grenade prediction is something I did in the past already, should have the code somewhere, will add. Spectator list is planed too Auto Surf already into, it's auto strafe
  12. UnstucK

    [RustHack] how to buy cheats on rust

    As usual, once the application is there, it will stay. And IF I manage to find a way to make the Rust hack undetected, and start selling it, I will review those applications (which stays forever) and will approve/refuse people. The current Rust hack is detected by Easy Anti Cheat, hence I can not sell it as is. You will be notified once the Rust hack will be available for sales again, and your application will get reviewed right after that.
  13. UnstucK

    Cs go

    When you launch the exe.
  14. UnstucK

    Csgo vac ban recording

    Un-needed. I have script running in backend checking registered SteamIDS for their banned status. If it goes up like crazy, hack is instantly disabled, and I will communicate about this just like we always did.

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