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  1. UK vs Russia

    So what's up ? Putin poisened spies ? Or is it just yet another "we dont know so it has to be Mother Russia" story ? We all support you Matt ! @KungFuhrer you might have some internal informations for us !
  2. Is RoyalHack SLOTH FRIENDLY?

    The other 80% are being used for coffee production, so we can also serve Homeless Sloths some hot coffee, bringing hope in their heart, and energy to their slow metabolism, so they can protect themselves from predators of the wild.
  3. Is RoyalHack SLOTH FRIENDLY?

    Most powerful animal of this planet. ps: All sloths needs Coffee, that's why all sloths likes Royal Café
  4. Hi I'm back

    Its not a matter of reactivating account, all accounts got deleted. Subscriptions of old RH project are gone too.
  5. Delete the the folder where the RHClient is located. That's all.
  6. How do you guys feel about hacking??

    Nowadays, more and more people are cheating, so I guess it's right
  7. Rust

    A year ago ? I don't know then, because I didn't delete any accounts ...
  8. Best ever

    That's a nice feedback Thanks & glad you like it
  9. Banned game in Steam Account (worried)

    If only one part of the hardware changes, it should be fine, u'll have a soft reset available.
  10. Banned game in Steam Account (worried)

    As shiro said, it wont trigger a ban on CSGO
  11. Processing

  12. This particular action LMAO
  13. Updrage to full

  14. CSGO : Legit Hacking -RoyalHack | #S2E1

    That's a neat video Teh chams !

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