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  1. UnstucK


  2. All products currently on sales works both on AMD and Intel CPUs
  3. Sure will change your css sub to csgo
  4. It's not about trust, it's about availability
  5. UnstucK


    Actually when the sound is displayed, it's because the engine is currently playing that sound. I'm not saying you are deaf but it's being played & can be heard, maybe your volume is too low or something. I might add a distance filter still, if you prefer
  6. UnstucK


    The SoundESP feature catch a sound being played in game (footsteps) and display a text (same as ESP) where the sound is located.
  7. UnstucK

    can i buy a rust hack

    Not right now.
  8. Holy **** ! I do remember you, I loved your GFXs back then. Welcome back ! That logo is classy indeed Might consider changing the current one, @PapaYaga also sent me some that I did not check yet .... but yea Royal Hack definetly needs a new logo and some designer brains edit: Do not hesitate to join us on Discord, we are actively talking there
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