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  1. pubg

  2. ARK Survival Evolved

    I don't plan to hack this game.
  3. Rust & PUBG Hack updates

    Hello everyone The Rust hack has been updated and is undetected since almost 2 months, I'm not confident enough yet with the production stage of this product so it's still not available for sales, YET ! PUBG hack also follow the road. We will soon open up BETA Testing again, not for the features as they already are battle tested, but for the undetection, that will require 50 persons on both PUBG and Rust hack. We will review peoples based on our own criterias, but for the fun we won't be too strict, just to see if EAC/BE is able to detect us right away or not. Like we used to do, Trusted, some Premiums and Donators will be able to apply for the BETA of those products. Stay tuned. ps: Once PUBG/Rust security will be ok, we will go ahead and release new hacks for other games. psps: We also plan to hack Fornite, as it is based on UE4 too and BE protected.
  4. README: Sponsored status

    Sponsorship for the following hacks is possible: CSS CSGO TF2 Sponsored rank means free hacks, as long as you keep doing your job. What is the job then ? Any requirements ? Post at least weekly videos on YouTube related to our products. Good community (above average followers/views). Related content (minecraft or GTA5 RP videos nope, must be cheating videos on support games). Any sponsored person will also be able to offer the following to his/her community: A special reduction code Monthly giveaways If you like our products and are willing to promote them, then go ahead and create a thread in this forum ! Make sure to include the following: YouTube link Wanted hacks Your native language /!\ Later on, Sponsored ranked persons will also be able to generate a revenue with Royal Hack and the special reduction code, not available /!\
  5. CSGO Full Cheat Review after 24 hours

    Thanks for leaving a feedback Glad you like it, enjoy !
  6. CSGO Stream Proof?

    With OBS, yes
  7. COD WWII?

    The cheat is being worked on, not available for sales yet.
  8. CS:GO AimBot

    Contact me via private message, and tell me the transaction ID. i'll check
  9. Ordered W/ BTC ~20 hours ago, still pending

    Checked your transaction, was blocked. Everything is fine, added your susbcription. Sorry for the delay.
  10. Questions

    CSGO Hack released in November 2016 Never been detected
  11. Become Sponsored by Royal Hack

    Hello everyone, If you are active on YouTube or other medias and with a fair "fanbase" you can become sponsored by Royal Hack. This means free hacks for you and also a special 10% discount code available for your community on their first RH purchase. For now we only offer sponsorship for our CSGO Hack. If you are interested, please send me a private message and link me to your media. ps: Giveaways are also possible. psps: Sponsored will also unlock access to some premium hacks later on before everyone else.
  12. GMOD ESP Hack released

    Includes brand new framework feature, the Entity Selector to filter out the entities to be displayed within the ESP.
  13. few extra days?

    This is not true. No such deal has been made here atm.
  14. Help

    Sorry about that. You should now be able to renew your product.

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