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  1. Thank you very much, it is really appreciated Glad you like our product And by the way, nice nickname !
  2. Hello, I don't understand your issue ?
  3. Paid with bitcoin ? Or PayPal ?
  4. UnstucK


    Hello, Rust hack is detected.
  5. Never been detected, while lmaobox got detected several times, but I guess lmaobox is stable now since VAC does not do much things on TF2 anymore. So as you wish.
  6. https://royalhack.net/clients/purchases/ https://royalhack.net/store/
  7. Fixed Discord integration with RH Website. You can now join the server again https://royalhack.net/discord/invite/general/
  8. I will send you the latest logs for you, via private message
  9. So I checked. You used our cheats on 6 accounts. 2 accounts are banned, both 90 days ago. All the others are clean, I checked one you using since 2017 and is still OK. My guess is that you used another tool ~90days ago that triggered a detection on two of your steam accounts, the ones you used at that time.
  10. Hi, I will check your steam accounts, however there are no banwave going on right now.

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