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  1. You can disable 2Factor auth
  2. I'm sure you can find a way to buy Bitcoins. For example They allow buying Bitcoins using Alipay. Steam Wallet and other wallets are not accepted.
  3. Hello, Alipay is not supported, you can purchase with Bitcoins if you want.
  4. RH has been detected in May 2018 yep, and also in 2011. Two detections since 2007.
  5. UnstucK


    Bought EFT, played for few hours, uninstalled. Rage dropped.
  6. I can not explain that. What I can explain is if the hack cause a detection for one user it cause detection for all the users.
  7. Thanks, merry Xmas to you aswell 😘
  8. Random VAC does not exist, it's either everyone using RH gets banned or nobody gets banned.
  9. Hello everyone, We survived the CSGO VAC Banwave successfuly, it appears a lot of P2C providers got detected in that wave: Royal Hack is still one of the safest hack provider with only 2 banwaves since 2007 ! If you come from another P2C provider, contact me for a discount on your first month ! More informations: Every time you inject our hacks, we register your SteamID within our database, this allows us to check our customers Steam Profile using Steam API, automatically, and this way we can detect banwaves. This process is now automated since 2 years now, every hour our backend server checks all currently active customers Steam Accounts for VAC Bans, if more than 5 bans are registered within 1 hour, all the hacks gets disabled until we investigate & patch the issue.
  10. Yea, well no VR is also OK
  11. Depends your budget, really, if you have bucks, you def should go for the Valve Index, it's the best VR experience you can have today, it's 1000€ If you are not really looking for the best of the best, you should pick between Oculus Rift S, and Oculus Quest, they both are being sold at 450€
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