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  1. BTW: I will release the BETA version of CSGO Legit hack this week, you will be able to request it when I'll announce it in private updates area, stay tuned.
  2. Hello everyone, Just a small "announcement", I already talked about that on Discord, but I will also post it here on the website, considering most of our customers are not present on Discord (certainly to avoid being recognized, we see you ) Our CSGO Hack has been released several years ago and was focused on legit hacking, only, to please our customers we started adding more and more features, and some for rage purposes. Today, I'm not happy with the current build anymore, it's a bit messy especially for people who heard about RH's legitness reputation, it's a bit confusing. So I decided to rework the hack completely, it's also the opportunity for me to clean/optimize/rethink everything. Two versions of the CSGO Hack will be available CSGO Legit Legit Aimbot only, no silent aim, no 360FOV, nothing blatant ESP Misc features (like legit bunnyhop, auto pistol, nothing weird) 100% Stream proof CSGO Hybrid It will be for both legit and rage hacking Many features are going to be added that I refused to add because of how unsafe I consider them to be (like Backtracking) This hack will be complete BUT also not as safe as the CSGO Legit one, it will require more dirty hooks within the game to get most of the features working I don't know yet how those two hacks will be sold, but every current customer will move automatically to CSGO Hybrid which will be a rework but kinda clone of current RH CSGO Hack. My current plan in mind is to keep the same price for CSGO hack and instead of selling two seperate versions, people will just be able to inject either CSGO Legit or CSGO Hybrid (names can change, but you know the idea behind those two versions, one will be secure as fuck, one will be funnier) So overall, you'll have more, for the same price. Happy ?
  3. UnstucK


    GODLEE ? Legal troubles ? haha
  4. 2018, when every P2C got detected basically because of a temporary VAC module update which was checking virtual tables. This is now patched. RH exists since 2007, and we got 2 banwave only.
  5. Salut, Le discord est affiché en gros sur la droite lorsque tu accèdes aux forums, il faut lier ton compte du site avec ton compte Discord, tout se fait automatiquement ici:
  6. Yes, all our hacks are stream proof by default (just make sure to uncheck "Capture third party overlay" on OBS.
  7. Yes, except Chams.
  8. You can disable 2Factor auth
  9. I'm sure you can find a way to buy Bitcoins. For example They allow buying Bitcoins using Alipay. Steam Wallet and other wallets are not accepted.
  10. Hello, Alipay is not supported, you can purchase with Bitcoins if you want.
  11. RH has been detected in May 2018 yep, and also in 2011. Two detections since 2007.
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