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  1. Paid with bitcoin ? Or PayPal ?
  2. UnstucK


    Hello, Rust hack is detected.
  3. Can you see it now ?
  4. Never been detected, while lmaobox got detected several times, but I guess lmaobox is stable now since VAC does not do much things on TF2 anymore. So as you wish.
  5. https://royalhack.net/clients/purchases/ https://royalhack.net/store/
  6. Fixed Discord integration with RH Website. You can now join the server again https://royalhack.net/discord/invite/general/
  7. I will send you the latest logs for you, via private message
  8. So I checked. You used our cheats on 6 accounts. 2 accounts are banned, both 90 days ago. All the others are clean, I checked one you using since 2017 and is still OK. My guess is that you used another tool ~90days ago that triggered a detection on two of your steam accounts, the ones you used at that time.
  9. Hi, I will check your steam accounts, however there are no banwave going on right now.
  10. Hello everyone, A lot of people has been registering on our website recently to ask about what is going on with Team Fortress 2 and the massive waves of bots ruining the Valve's Matchmaking Servers by cheating and spamming in text/vocal chats, and some appears to advertise Royal Hack and myg0t. https://www.pcgamer.com/team-fortress-2-is-under-attack-by-bots-and-not-the-fun-kind/ We have nothing to hide here, we do sell cheats for some games, Team Fortress 2 included, but those are meant to be used on your own private server and the most important thing is that we do not provide
  11. Silent Aim is working, but again it's a mix between: FOV and Smooth Aimbot. However, if you want to play legit, you should NEVER activate silent aim, it will not snap/shake on your screen but it WILL snap/shake on other's screen when they will spectate you. If you want to hit a target when you crosshair is a bit off the target, you must reduce the smooth aimbot strength, it will then go faster on target and hit it
  12. replied by private message but what you want is impossible to achieve the legit way, if you aim far away from your target, well not on you target but still hit him, it's not legit ! it's an obvious aimbot.

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