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  1. UnstucK

    How do I?

    Replied in chat box. Currently, you can delete the skinchanger.bin file in the csgo hack directory. I will add an option to disable it from the UI
  2. UnstucK


    I will pause your subscription, just pm me when you want it to be activated again, when your connection will be better.
  3. UnstucK

    CSGO - Spectators List

  4. UnstucK

    Last Detection?

    Not currently, sorry. Only bitcoin and PayPal.
  5. UnstucK

    Last Detection?

  6. UnstucK

    Last Detection

    Hello, The last detection was in May 2018, when Valve decided to scan for a specific hook, all P2Cs with hooks (internals) were detected. However, only a very few customers got caught (nearly 10 people got banned), as I got notified of that VAC module activation quite early, so I patched the detection.
  7. UnstucK

    The First CS:GO Review in 2019

    Thank you very much for your review
  8. UnstucK

    60% refund plz

    Alright, you should have received the refund already; Thanks, if you consider legit hacking, come back to us
  9. UnstucK

    Name Change

    Yes, next time please send me a private message instead
  10. UnstucK

    How do I become ranked member?

    You also must know that the Rust hack is currently not available as it is detected. We are working on it.
  11. UnstucK

    60% refund plz

    The refund is processing, can you please tell us why you want to get a refund if the hack is working? Thanks. That can help.
  12. UnstucK

    60% refund plz

    Hello, We usually only refund if the hack is not working, in your case the hack is working just fine. However, since you purchased only 2 days ago, I can offer you a 50% refund. If that's ok to you I will refund that part asap. Can you please tell us why you want to get a refund anyway ? Thanks.
  13. UnstucK

    Barrel ESP

    From the album: UnstucK

  14. UnstucK

    Barrel ESP -> Almost lazorz (soonTM)

    From the album: UnstucK

  15. UnstucK

    What happened

    Maybe you don't, that's not what monthly new customers are telling. CSGO cheat keeps getting more and more popular, every month there are new customers. You can also see that on youtube, people knows us
  16. I will refund your Paypal payment Sorry for the delay
  17. UnstucK

    free sub

    I agree with that
  18. UnstucK

    donator benefits

  19. UnstucK

    TF2 silentaim

    On Team Fortress 2 the Silent Aim feature is not the same as the old source engine exploit (which doesn't work anymore) called pSilent. In fact, while you don't see your own view angles being modified, spectators will see you aimbotting. Use with caution.
  20. UnstucK

    Bonjour, je suis nul.

    Alors oui je travaille sur une solution qui SERA efficace contre ces anticheats (BE/EAC), après je manque cruellement de temps, c'est la raison pour laquelle ça avance très (trop ?) lentement. Qui plus est, la solution sur laquelle on bosse, c'est complexe, et je dois bien avouer que pour le moment je suis pas à l'aise avec ce truc, vous en saurez d'avantage en temps voulu, mais we normalement on sera les seuls à avoir implémenté ça, et si ça aboutis le résultat sera en rendez-vous. Bref, en attendant, c'est moitié moitié entre correction/évolution des cheats qui se vendent actuellement et la partie sécurité. L'objectif étant que personne ne se fasse ban
  21. UnstucK

    Bonjour, je suis nul.

    Bonjour, Malheureusement le cheat Rust est toujours en maintenance (detecté), donc pour le moment impossible de l'acheter/tester.
  22. UnstucK


    Thanks a lot for your feedback, much appreciated
  23. UnstucK

    CS:S Hack Review

    Thanks for your review. I will add those missing bones (thought these were already into) and will take a look at bypassing SMAC. I guess I already know how to do that, will give it a try.
  24. UnstucK

    EFT maybe?

    Was planed. Bought and installed the game. Rage quitted after my 1080Ti couldn't run it with stable frames per seconds ratio. So, unless the game is fully done & over patched, NO

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