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  1. L4d2

    Added you into L4D2 BETA.
  2. L4d2

    If you subscribe into some hack or donate, I can add you to L4D2 BETA Testers, no problem.
  3. Quake Champions

    This support is not GROUNDBREAKING but I'll give it a *strong* MAYBE, where strong means closer to yes than no. I'll give you updates if / when project is under progress. Thank you everyone of your interest! I'll also have to emphatize that I actually have quite a lot of things to do for school at the moment so it's not gonna be tomorrow or even next week if progress happens
  4. Quake Champions

    If this gets enough support I'll consider it, otherwise it's gonna be just a fun project that does not make me any money, like L4D2 and CSS and I probably won't waste my time with it, I'm currently in school and working at same time so my time is limited.
  5. CSGO Walling With (Royalhack) #10

    This is false advertising, according to @UnstucK such deal does not exist.
  6. I need help with my account

    The hack is not working for you because your CSGO subscription has ended.
  7. CSS Hack sales are open

    Aimbot weapon-specific configuration has been fixed and is re-enabled in CSS now. All the config-related crashes should be gone too now. I have also added ViewFOV -changer that let's you "zoom" in and out just like you would when you're using sniper weapon. It is enabled for ESP and Full-packages.

    Disable aimkey and aiming will be done automatically. Aimbot -> Binds -> Click the aimkey-button -> press ESC. If you did it right, the aimkey button should now say : "None".
  9. CSS Hack sales are open

    Hi, CSS Aimbot and Full -versions are now also on sale! You can expect almost same features as in CSGO hack, currently the only thing missing is weapon specific aimbot configuration, it will be coming soon™* and more features are planned and added according to your feedback! Exceptionally we will be offering ONE YEAR subscription into CSS Aimbot, ESP and Full -versions and they will be considerably cheaper than if you would buy monthly subscription. To celebrate CSS launch there is a promotion that first 10 users to subscribe into 1 year package will receive 20% discount, PM me in here on in Discord before buying and I will add the discount for you! Have fun!

    Disable aimkey and you have auto-aim, or what do you mean?
  11. [README] Frequently Asked Questions & Rules

    Motherboard (including BIOS firmware version)
  12. looking for hw id spoofer

    No ,we don't have any HWID Spoofers.
  13. old coders ?

    Sorry, I don't understand Quake Champions, will deliver brah.
  14. old coders ?

    v3n0m4 used to code old RoyalHack, not anymore, now it's how02 and UnstucK and I might start something later. Aimbot has a menu that you should not open while streaming.
  15. Whats your monitor?

    BenQ XL2420T

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