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  1. It's a false positive that is caused by antivirus heuristics. Consult your antivirus documentation how to add RoyalHack loader into it's exclusions list.
  2. VR's future is in porn. It's the only thing they are good for. Porn and education simulators.
  3. @v3n0m4 sexually assaulted me in a park and I developed a Stockholm syndrome.
  4. There is a site called Royalhacks.net. It has absolutely nothing to do with us and as far as I know it's made purely to scam people, at least one person who has contacted us has already lost his money for them and few clever people have contacted us to check for it's authenticity before getting scammed. DO NOT SEND YOUR MONEY TO THEM, you will get nothing in return. Thank you.
  5. Thanks a lot of your comprehensive and honest review, @UnstucK beat me to it and added missing bones, sincere apology of leaving such trivial features out of the hack lol, CSS was basically ported from CSGO long time ago, tested casually for a while and it did not get too much attention from customers so nobody has reported this before you, thanks a lot! About SMAC, we have not claimed to support any other anti-cheats than VAC so it either works or does not. Considering that there are only few people randomly using CSS cheat and I personally do not play it since 2010 or something, it's re
  6. EFT AKA Enemy Fucking Territory hell yeah.

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