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  1. menc9re

    Issues with BTC payments?

    BTC payments are fucking slow, @UnstucK typically needs to manually confirm them. Sorry for trouble.
  2. menc9re

    [HTML5/CSS3] Achievement -style skillbars

    background-image was not supposed to stay in CSS file, instead be done with inline-css, brainfart style="background-image: url("www.whatever.com/whatever.png");" I'm sure this could be done better with SASS since it lets you use variables.
  3. HTML <div class="achievement-box"> <div class="achievement-box-icon"> </div> <div class="achievement-box-namebar-area"> <span>[skill_goes_here]</span> <div class="achievement-box-bar"> <div class="achievement-box-status-25"> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="achievement-box"> <div class="achievement-box-icon"> </div> <div class="achievement-box-namebar-area"> <span>[skill_goes_here]</span> <div class="achievement-box-bar"> <div class="achievement-box-status-50"> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="achievement-box"> <div class="achievement-box-icon"> </div> <div class="achievement-box-namebar-area"> <span>[skill_goes_here]</span> <div class="achievement-box-bar"> <div class="achievement-box-status-75"> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="achievement-box"> <div class="achievement-box-icon"> </div> <div class="achievement-box-namebar-area"> <span>[skill_goes_here]</span> <div class="achievement-box-bar"> <div class="achievement-box-status-100"> </div> </div> </div> </div> CSS body { background-color: rgb(25, 34, 50); } .achievement-box { background-color: rgb(35, 48, 64); border: 2px solid rgb(64, 81, 102); display: flex; height: 120px; width: 540px; } .achievement-box-icon { background-image: url("https://www.superiorengineering.com.au/image/webimages/auto-mechanical-black-cogs-icon.png"); border: 5px solid rgb(75, 92, 105); outline: 2px solid rgb(64, 81, 102); height: 110px; width: 110px; } .achievement-box-namebar-area { color: white; display: inline-flex; flex-direction: column; flex: 1; justify-content: space-around; margin: 20px; height: 80px; } .achievement-box-bar { background-color: rgb(49, 83, 107); border: 1px solid rgb(64, 81, 102); height: 14px; width: 380px; } @keyframes skill-25 { from { width: 0px; } to { width: 95px; } } @keyframes skill-50 { from { background-color: rgb(255,0,0); width: 0px; } to { width: 190px; } } @keyframes skill-75 { from { background-color: rgb(255,0,0); width: 0px; } to { width: 280px; } } @keyframes skill-100 { from { background-color: rgb(255,0,0); width: 0px; } to { width: 376px; } } .achievement-box-status-25 { background-color: rgb(255,0,0); margin: 2px; margin-left: 3px; height: 9px; width: 95px; animation: skill-25 5s; } .achievement-box-status-50 { background-color: rgb(255,255,0); margin: 2px; height: 10px; width: 190px; animation: skill-50 5s; } .achievement-box-status-75 { background-color: rgb(100,255,120); margin: 2px; height: 9px; width: 285px; animation: skill-75 5s; } .achievement-box-status-100 { background-color: rgb(0,255,0); margin: 2px; height: 9px; width: 376px; animation: skill-100 5s; } RESULT
  4. menc9re

    Is RoyalHack SLOTH FRIENDLY?

    Hello, we appreciate your post and concern about Royal Hacks position regarding animal rights. We at Royal Hack pride ourselves of our deep and passionate drive towards rights of all wonderful animals on Earth, especially we have a special place in our hearts for sloots, those magnificient creatures. 20% of Royal Hacks income is donated to Homeless Sloths Shelter and we are also working together with WWF. Whole Royal Hack staff is committed to vegetarian diet and we would never take part in barbaric abuse of poor, helpless animals.
  5. menc9re

    Checking in

    From my point of view I would love to get time for Quake: Champions hack and figuring out why L4D2 does not work but I can't guarantee anything, school is intense and I'm working at the same time so my time is limited. Let's see if I have more time when I'm on summer vacation. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. menc9re

    Deagle 4K Video

    +1 of Digital Insanity
  7. menc9re

    New subscriptions plans

    CSS Full adjusted to 29.99€ / 1 year too.
  8. menc9re


    Added you into L4D2 BETA.
  9. menc9re


    If you subscribe into some hack or donate, I can add you to L4D2 BETA Testers, no problem.
  10. menc9re

    Quake Champions

    This support is not GROUNDBREAKING but I'll give it a *strong* MAYBE, where strong means closer to yes than no. I'll give you updates if / when project is under progress. Thank you everyone of your interest! I'll also have to emphatize that I actually have quite a lot of things to do for school at the moment so it's not gonna be tomorrow or even next week if progress happens
  11. menc9re

    Quake Champions

    If this gets enough support I'll consider it, otherwise it's gonna be just a fun project that does not make me any money, like L4D2 and CSS and I probably won't waste my time with it, I'm currently in school and working at same time so my time is limited.
  12. menc9re

    CSGO Walling With (Royalhack) #10

    This is false advertising, according to @UnstucK such deal does not exist.
  13. menc9re

    I need help with my account

    The hack is not working for you because your CSGO subscription has ended.
  14. menc9re

    CSS Hack sales are open

    Aimbot weapon-specific configuration has been fixed and is re-enabled in CSS now. All the config-related crashes should be gone too now. I have also added ViewFOV -changer that let's you "zoom" in and out just like you would when you're using sniper weapon. It is enabled for ESP and Full-packages.
  15. menc9re


    Disable aimkey and aiming will be done automatically. Aimbot -> Binds -> Click the aimkey-button -> press ESC. If you did it right, the aimkey button should now say : "None".

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