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  1. I know this is very late, but I can say with 100% confidence that this cheat is 100% better and more stable than lmaogarbage.
  2. The best TF2 cheat in my opinion. Extrememely customizable aimbot with clean yet simple visuals that make the game much more fun to enjoy. I've been using it for almost a year now and I look past any other cheat. The best thing about the cheat is that it's trustable. I have/had over $700 worth of unusuals with over 4k hours in and I have not gotten banned (I have been banned on SMAC NX1 supported servers). However, I do not condone this because ANYTHING can happen. The difference between you and me is I really don't care about virtualized items. Most of them were from betting anyway.
  3. Lmao yeah right. I'm 17 with a $9/hr job in school already paying for internet and electricity. Plus care insurance and parts for other vehicles.
  4. Ah shit, time to lower prices so kids can purchase.
  5. Sorry, but mine's clearly better.
  6. The site looks much cleaner and easier to navigate. It also gets straight to the point which is another +1. Love it, I'll be purchasing a new sub soon, the hack is great!
  7. Aimbot: 9/10 I really love the Aimbot, it has a nice feel and looking back at it on my previous experiences I know it has improved. However, I gave it a 9/10 because pSilent is gone, but that's for our safety. ESP: 9/10 The ESP is awesome, just standard old ESP with some options. The only downside is that Chams is not Stream safe yet... YET Misc: 10/10 Love the Autostrafer and FOV changer. Best thing ...........Ill finish later
  8. Can I get my name changed from GLXY to Serialism?
  9. just seeing what new hags unstug put in

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