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  1. Newbietuwbie

    How did you guys find out about royalhack

    so much necro
  2. RH has chams now? did Half life 3 come out too?
  3. Newbietuwbie

    Rust cheat

    Unstuck is a slow nigga so expect Rust release 2019 Q3
  4. Newbietuwbie

    Falexo Hacks

    Sounds great, you probably wanna make a newer video tho cause those are one year old
  5. ofc you had to quote my amazing typo
  6. This accent it just too great, half expected you to ask us to install teamviewer and tell us we have a "wirus"
  7. Why'd you put iCheat and R3Cheat in your tags good video nontheless, wouldn't say you're good at playing legit tho lmfao.
  8. Newbietuwbie

    CSGO Legit Hacking With ROYALHACK #5

    You need to practice, cause this is obvious af
  9. Newbietuwbie

    Rust cheat

    It's literally linked in the same thread
  10. Newbietuwbie

    Request A Cheat

    Siege ain't dying anytime soon but they have BE, since our main BE coder had a tragic traffic accident we'll either wait for a new one, unless v3n knows how to deal with them.
  11. Newbietuwbie

    Rust Invite only?

    Threads like these just makes my day
  12. Newbietuwbie

    How long have you been hacking?

  13. Newbietuwbie

    Weirdest Sex Experience ?

    Few years ago I had no condoms in the house, had finally gotten this girl to my place when my parents weren't home, was too lazy to go to the store to buy condoms. Wasn't gonna give up to get the puss. You know those thin plastic bags that are see through? Yeah I thought it would be a great idea putting one of those over my dick as an improvised condom. wasn't a great idea.
  14. Newbietuwbie

    Please authorize this new device

    Buy it from the store as I already said nigga
  15. Newbietuwbie

    Please authorize this new device

    Buy a HWID reset in the store section

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