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  1. I've been looking around lately at Destiny 2 related shit and I don't see any proper hacks for it except some external triggerbots. Some cheat provider said they wouldn't touch it since it's related to the blizzard client, but blizzard has nothing to do with the game except having it on their store, it's all Bungie. I also can't find any information on their AC so they must have their own, while reading some old UC posts they seem to have some sort of AC that fucks any overlay injections. Do any of you coding niggas have any idea why people steer clear from it with the exception with that the demand for cheats in it ain't big. Only proper information I found on it when looking around
  2. The benefits are clear, UnstucK's jewish nostrils will like you more
  3. my 780ti chills around 50-80fps on factory and customs and thats 1440p, low settings of course. You should pick it up again now that wipe happened a few days ago, just make sure you have over 8gb RAM or you get the big oof
  4. Unstuck is a slow nigga so expect Rust release 2019 Q3
  5. This accent it just too great, half expected you to ask us to install teamviewer and tell us we have a "wirus"
  6. Why'd you put iCheat and R3Cheat in your tags good video nontheless, wouldn't say you're good at playing legit tho lmfao.
  7. You need to practice, cause this is obvious af
  8. Siege ain't dying anytime soon but they have BE, since our main BE coder had a tragic traffic accident we'll either wait for a new one, unless v3n knows how to deal with them.
  9. Threads like these just makes my day

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