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  1. this is offtopic right? i need help cause my bum keeps itching inside. it keeps bleeding when i scratch it. any advise?
  2. Kamay is like the best
  3. it was for real. just using an exploit
  4. https://gyazo.com/ec433924bd1ea6c09938118405aa51ee https://gyazo.com/993b4b4cabd29e37bbb9824be4843f5b https://gyazo.com/9e9bfc5d0afed194b4233c517f28a564 https://gyazo.com/b196d0bcf1e29d380ec14105cd4a3527 Bet none of u are bigger ballers then me men
  5. i love mattcs always gives free shout outs. he needs a sponsorship by royalhack, royalhack can help him and zuhn bhop ?
  6. can we get the man in this video at 2:25 should get a free month or some shit free advertisement.
  7. i am calling the french police to investigate your company i think you neglect your truck driver by not feeding him.
  8. so no help to shiro if there was i would start to donate again
  9. i heard if u donate u feed shiro is that ture because the more shiro is fed the more deliveries he can complete of royalhack vip ranks in his BIG TRUCK. i also heard u mail potatos to supporters and i didn't get my potato yet so please mail it to me of feed it to shiro.
  10. lol turn up ur smooth on the weapons u want to be less sticky.
  11. no point working on new hacks when u are working on getting a rust and pubg hack up.
  12. what are your thoughts on the new mp5-sd i personally think its great to add new guns and how they added it into single player first to test it unlike the r8 is great and hopefully they add more guns from older counterstrikes maybe a shield next and then after that maybe remove overwatch. but what are ur thoughts on the new gun and the future of csgo.

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