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  1. this is offtopic right? i need help cause my bum keeps itching inside. it keeps bleeding when i scratch it. any advise?
  2. Kamay is like the best
  3. it was for real. just using an exploit
  4. Bet none of u are bigger ballers then me men
  5. i love mattcs always gives free shout outs. he needs a sponsorship by royalhack, royalhack can help him and zuhn bhop ?
  6. can we get the man in this video at 2:25 should get a free month or some shit free advertisement.
  7. i am calling the french police to investigate your company i think you neglect your truck driver by not feeding him.
  8. so no help to shiro if there was i would start to donate again
  9. i heard if u donate u feed shiro is that ture because the more shiro is fed the more deliveries he can complete of royalhack vip ranks in his BIG TRUCK. i also heard u mail potatos to supporters and i didn't get my potato yet so please mail it to me of feed it to shiro.
  10. lol turn up ur smooth on the weapons u want to be less sticky.
  11. sorry i meant a a color and market when u post to show ur special and unstuck could do with the extra money as always. and gekko is against the jews what a cunt
  12. no point working on new hacks when u are working on getting a rust and pubg hack up.
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