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  1. impuremelon


    Never knew that existed but i started python and i found that books where a great way to learn rather fun in comparison to youtube videos but i will chexk it out.
  2. impuremelon


    Thhere is no c# area but i want a c# book to read thats free can any one recommend any books for c#?
  3. impuremelon

    Hello fags

    Fag in royalhack means fack Ck = g Thats englandish to royalhagish
  4. impuremelon

    Hello fags

  5. impuremelon

    How can I purchase a subscription to PUBG?

    And the pubg hag wont be up for a while but the rust will be soon hopefully.
  6. impuremelon

    Lithium's Review on RH's Full CS:GO Hack

    Nice review really indepth and covers the cheat entirely and covered the lovely gui
  7. impuremelon

    Melon brain storm area

    Melon gave unfuck server crasher.
  8. impuremelon


    Fixed for u tubz
  9. impuremelon

    Melon brain storm area

    Ok so thats not a no for a rust server crasher. so i have to find a humster that will donate a source server crasher.
  10. impuremelon

    Melon brain storm area

    What i say in here u must add @UnstucK Make csgo hvh cheat beta after rust and pubg. Make the csgo beta have many exploits like python and lua and other script language executers. Make many exploits in all cheats like server crashers on rust cheat and csgo cheat. Thats all melon can think of today.
  11. impuremelon


    Hope for the best.
  12. impuremelon

    Issues with BTC payments?

    By the look of it i was right that 1 cunt was trying to scam.
  13. impuremelon

    Issues with BTC payments?

    2 of u have ur subs ffs the other guy is prob trying to scam for a free sub
  14. impuremelon


  15. impuremelon


    Maka battlefield 1 hag with many exploit

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