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  1. old rh had pubhag section i think and i found the site when searching for pub haggers
  2. Disliking the developers very much. They act like retarded amateurs.
  3. Don't at least always obviously look at where the enemy is coming from soon right before he comes unless its the most common place he could be or you heard him. Even if it meant you die once in a while. Too many people who try to hide their hacks go too blatant when they have a high chance of dying and they don't want to.
  4. Oh how I would love to suggest blizz games but when blizzard comes knockin the money leaves Of that list you have there the games to hack would be Rust and Arma 3, mainly because my experiences with those games are so shit in regards to how the games have been made they deserve to be hacked.
  5. OS: Windows 7 64bit Games: CS:GO & Rust but to be honest I would likely spend more time beta testing the rust hack because I am quite bored of CS games Terms seem reasonable so I agree.
  6. I heard it's the new royalhack theme song. Might just be some bullshit rumor tho.

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