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  1. i mean...you can't really complain about that
  2. RoyalHack as become really popular over the last month, so i was wondering where you guys heard or found out about them.
  3. There are only a few games i use hacks on to try and get an advantage as i usually play solo, so i need an edge to survive against games that have teams or clans. Most of the time i have no problem slaughtering clans when i see them I do however feel kinda bad when i see other solo or duo players farming for hours then for me to come along and kill them and take all their shit,. I usually don't target them now because i just feel kinda shitty making them spend all them hours farming just to lose it all. Do you guys ever feel like this?? Or maybe i just have a soft spot I'm missing out
  4. not sure if its's possible, but i have seen some that allow you to see other players inventory. Which would be pretty cool. I don't like killing everyone i see, to find out they have nothing on them
  5. Me too Has anyone got some inside information on how close it is to being released?
  6. Nice information here, i know what its like to get carried away while using a hack so it's best to use these tips to stay on the safe side. I am just mainly looking forward to using the ESP so should be all good
  7. Yeh, if it was for any other game i probably would think its to high
  8. Might be pre recorded videos he's already made
  9. It's OK now, my friend end up giving me one
  10. I have been waiting for a rust hack for a while, so while it shouldn't be public. I hope i can get in on the invite. The price looks reasonable to me as well looking forward to how it turns out

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