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  1. Amanda

    My base was blown up

    In the past few days, my base was blown up by hackers!
  2. I've been using it for a long time
  3. Amanda

    Is this guy a scammer?

    Thanks for reminding
  4. Amanda

    Is this guy a scammer?

    Thanks for reminding
  5. Amanda


    Will support your forum!
  6. Amanda

    How much will Rust cheat be?

    You get what you pay for.
  7. Amanda

    How much will Rust cheat be?

    I personally think that 60 euros per month is not expensive, I use AA will be banned every day an account! AA and Royal are worlds apart! So I'd rather pay 100 euros a month, too!
  8. Probably because the network is willing, do not show two-dimensional code
  9. Amanda

    Rust review by furchenlurch88

    When can I experience
  10. Amanda

    Rust Invite only?

    Thank you for your answer
  11. Amanda

    Rust Invite only?

    How can we pass the screening?
  12. Amanda

    Rust Invite only?

    Ha ha, gay
  13. Amanda

    Any trusted users wanna be friends?

    Let us be friends.

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