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  1. Is there a PUBG section? I think it's a bug but the devs are working on the PUBG cheat right now and I think you must get invited to purchase the PUBG hack.
  2. Welcome To Royalhack Do Enjoy Your Stay
  3. minohhh


    Shiro replied to someone post he posted this
  4. i feel that rainbow six siege is pretty much a dying game rn
  5. i mean there's lots of public trainers out there already
  6. Cheat is currently down and don't bother begging for invite
  7. tbh for this part (For ex: Taking a picture of them holding a piece of paper that says "Royal Hack, @(their name)" in front of the website home screen. (Face must be visible.) ) not necessary if your gonna use that method i rather you put your passport or identification card for full proof
  8. Its 35 euro for rust cheat. You only can get invited through admins/trusted users invites applys to the cheat ur invited only but for your info csgo and tf2 cheats are publics they don't need invite
  9. #farmingrep #kappareport #rigitforme thank you
  10. Chorzzz rigged it for me pl0x imma love u
  11. I hope this giveaway is rigged for me

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