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  1. minohhh

    emm,got a question about the pubg hack!

    Is there a PUBG section? I think it's a bug but the devs are working on the PUBG cheat right now and I think you must get invited to purchase the PUBG hack.
  2. minohhh

    New to Royalhack (Mawser)

    Welcome To Royalhack Do Enjoy Your Stay
  3. minohhh


    Shiro replied to someone post he posted this
  4. http://i.imgur.com/keLluHA.jpg
  5. minohhh

    Request A Cheat

    hmm true
  6. minohhh

    Request A Cheat

    i feel that rainbow six siege is pretty much a dying game rn
  7. minohhh

    Request A Cheat

    i mean there's lots of public trainers out there already
  8. minohhh

    Can someone please help me

    Cheat is currently down and don't bother begging for invite
  9. tbh for this part (For ex: Taking a picture of them holding a piece of paper that says "Royal Hack, @(their name)" in front of the website home screen. (Face must be visible.) ) not necessary if your gonna use that method i rather you put your passport or identification card for full proof
  10. minohhh

    How much is RUST Cheat?

    Its 35 euro for rust cheat. You only can get invited through admins/trusted users invites applys to the cheat ur invited only but for your info csgo and tf2 cheats are publics they don't need invite
  11. minohhh

    Giveaway RUST gift

    #farmingrep #kappareport #rigitforme thank you
  12. minohhh


    Im in
  13. minohhh


    Chorzzz rigged it for me pl0x imma love u
  14. minohhh

    [GIVE AWAY] CSGO Skins Give Away

    I hope this giveaway is rigged for me

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