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  1. You finally got prime, haha. Nice one.
  2. did not receive the hacks

  3. First Time

    o_O I think I know what you mean. Download WinRar so it'll zip and you can extract it. Or 7zip as an alternative.
  4. First Time

  5. How to use royal hack use console and gui

    Duration - The time in ms the aimbot will stick to target after the first lock RCS - 2.2 yaw / 1.8 for randomization or 2.0 / 2.0 for perfection Keep Target - The time in ms the aimbot will respect before switching to another target Smooth - smooth your aimbot. The higher your smooth is, the more humanized your aimbot is.
  6. How to use royal hack use console and gui

    That's odd. Are you modifying the "Default" weapon config? If you try editing any other weapon config, you must click the box until a checkmark shows up to let you know it's toggled.
  7. How to use royal hack use console and gui

  8. Fastest way to level up? [CSGO]

    Haven't tested but you could semi-rage (5 fov 10 smooth) or some shit like that and just dominate people.
  9. Fastest way to level up? [CSGO]

    Arms Race or Deathmatch is told to be the best. Or just plain ole competitive matchmaking.
  10. Should be manual. However, "hover your mouse over store and press manage purchases bf you can cancel the renewal, you'll keep the days you've paid for though."
  11. [CSGO Full] Fars3's Royalhack Review

    Such a great, detailed review. Chams is coming, also we're adding the color changer to the GUI.

    Not for sale at this current moment.
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