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  1. Song always reminds me of my mom and makes me sad lol
  2. could be mistaken an overwatch ban for a VAC ban. overwatch means you were reported in competitive games and the demo was analyzed by a several players which in the end dictate a decision whether or not your account gets banhammert rh csgo hasnt been detected since release in 2016
  3. Tbh wouldn’t get a different headset than the Index if I were switching from my Gen 1 Oculus.
  4. shiro

    i need

    Just to confirm, it’s not out and no ETA when it will be (that’s assuming it’s still in development)
  5. Oculus Rift as well, don’t really use it but gonna plug up for BONEWORKS and HL: Alyx fosho, if it wasn’t $1k I would like the Index
  6. shiro


    they're not for sale atm
  7. Must one up you in soundtracks it seems
  8. Enjoy your stay, Cosmic. When you mention Xbox Modding, do you mean the 360 or the classic Xbox?
  9. mayb, mayb not. btc confirmation bullshit sucks and always need manual approving so often
  10. +1 bf/cod series would be nice to see

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