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  1. Banned game in Steam Account (worried)

    A ban in a game unrelated to CS:GO will not carry over to CS:GO.
  2. Processing

    I'll point him to the thread.
  3. Processing

    wait for unstug
  4. CSGO : Legit Hacking -RoyalHack | #S2E1

    Would you like to play MM together for your next video?
  5. Rust

    You never messaged me the eMail you used, lmao.
  6. Rust

    To make an application you must have a rank. This means donator, premium, trusted. Now if I'm not wrong, if you can provide the e-Mail you used on the old forums(iirc UnstucK allows this.) I can check in RoyalHack's old database to give you trusted.
  7. Need Help

    Donator expires after a month.
  8. Becoming Trusted

    What Gekk0 said.
  9. PUBG hack

    You must have a rank to apply for the cheat. Donator, premium, etc.
  10. Can't upload profile picture?

    You must have a rank(donator/premium/trusted) to change your profile picture or chat in the shoutbox.
  11. Rust cheat

    Pay the hack to be VIP.
  12. Rust cheat

    To buy a cheat: https://royalhack.net/store/ You'll get VIP on the site after you pay.
  13. Rust cheat

    Closed because it's in development.
  14. PSilent

    Works well with the guns I use it on which is pistols and snipers. I use the regular aimbot for rifles.
  15. PSilent

    Yes, we have "pSilent."

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