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  1. This Cheat is Godlike!

    Radical review of the week, brother.
  2. RoyalHack CS:GO Full Review

    Skin changer will be fixed. Gloves will be added. Triggerbot is just to add diversity because some people prefer it when AWPing, also people like an aimbot+triggerbot combo. I don't know if glow is being added(haven't heard anything about it) but chams will. Can you explain what you mean by holding a key to keep the aimbot active? Like you could change the bind to T and just hold down T with "Swap Target: On" and that would keep aimbot active while holding T. All in all, great review and we're happy to know you like our product.
  3. PUBG and Rust are the main focus right now. These two games and many others will come after. No ETA, but expect in the rather distance future.
  4. I want to buy PUBG

    We are going to need 50 people testing Rust and 50 people testing PUBG, there are only 40 Trusted users and the majority are Trusted because they're from the older generation of RoyalHack/friends with administration. So we will definitely be holding Trusted(BETA testing) signups before if I'm not wrong. Anyways, initial question was answered; closing this thread.
  5. Can you help me?

    No problem. Hope to see you on the VIP list soon, bud. If you have any technical support and what-not, be sure to make a thread or write in the shoutbox.
  6. Feedback CSGO full

    Aimbot Weapon specific configuration Ally Aim at teammates if enabled. Aim Key Aimbot will only be activated with that feature condition (Press Escape to remove any aim key, aimbot will then be always enabled). Jumping Aim at Jumping players if enabled. FOV Customize the field of vision angle (0-180°) Priority Set aimbot priority FOV will aim to your crosshair's nearest target Health will aim at player with lowest health Distance will aim at closest target Hitboxes Pick different hitboxes to aim at. Swap Target Allow the aimbot to pick another target in one aimbot sequence Duration The time in ms the aimbot will stick to target after first lock Keep Target The time in ms the aimbot will respect before switching to another target Recoil Control System (RCS*) Compensate weapon's recoil by two factors (X/Y) RCS Scale Pitch RCS Scale Yaw Auto Shoot Aimbot will also shoot when target is acquired Auto Duck Duck automatically while aiming Auto Pistol Fire semi automatic guns in full auto mode. Vertical Aiming If enabled, aimbot will also update your Y axe, disabling it allows you to control your recoil because you have manual control over Y axe. Triggerbot Trigger Key Triggerbot will only be enabled upon that condition. Ally If enabled, the trigger will also aim at teammates. Hitboxes Specify hitboxes to aim at. Duration The time in ms the triggerbot will fire after detection Pause Allow to lower fire rate (will pause if last detection is in between our pause value). ESP Players Ally If enabled shows teammates 2D Box Display a 2D box around player Skeleton Will draw the skeleton of the player using its bones Hitbox Will draw full player's hitbox Name Weapon Active weapon name Health Health Bar Health bar showing player's health with color codes Distance The distance between you and the player. Head Dot Show dot on player's head. Used for legit wallhacking Weapons 2D Box Name Distance Primary Show on ground primary weapons Secondary Show on ground secondary weapons Grenade Show on ground grenades Defuse Kit Show on ground defuse kits Grenades 2D Box Name Distance Trajectory Display real time trajectory Smoke Grenade Flashbang HE Grenade Decoy Molotov C4 2D Box Name State Show C4 state (planted / on ground) Distance Explode Timer The time in seconds before explosion Defuse Timer The time in seconds before defusing Skin Changer Auto Accept Bunny Hop Show Ranks *RCS control recoil for pitch/yaw *vertical/horizontal*
  7. Can you help me?

    No, you do not.
  8. Feedback CSGO full

    What do you mean? The explanation of the features or how to use pre-made configs?
  9. Pfft, let's be real. No one uses the radar.
  10. Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked the cheat.
  11. Feedback CSGO full

    You mean STYLES looks like our ESP!?!?! Anyways, nice review. This should give a heads-up to @UnstucK to fix stattrack stuff on his free time.
  12. Skin changer

    The skin changer is in the full version.
  13. You finally got prime, haha. Nice one.
  14. did not receive the hacks


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