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Found 9 results

  1. Nicolas Knudsen

    Issues with BTC payments?

    So i bought the CSGO hack with BTC but its still pending after 3 confirmations and many hours later. Not sure where support was so i hope this is the right place to post
  2. Fynn Baum


    Hey so i got a problem. Ive paid the CS:GO Full cheqat like 16 hours ago with BitPay but its still pending?
  3. krauser126

    Becoming Trusted

    I don't know if this has been asked or addressed before but how does one become trusted? Aside from being active.
  4. Hello. For some reason I can't edit my profile, upload profile pictures, or comment on the chat box. Anyone can help me on why this is happening? Thanks.
  5. flametribute

    I need help with my account

    I dont have my old pc anymore, I came on with my new pc and purchased a full hwid reset, I tried to download the rh client shortly after but the button was not there, and I cvan not post this in support or use the chatbox because I am unauthorized, please help,thank you.
  6. Hey there. Yesterday i purchused your hack CSGO Full by using Bitcoins and it told me that i'm gonna recieve everything on my email address but i havent recieved anything yet. Also, this is my Second account because for some reason when i clicked "regiser your account while purchasing" or somethig my account wasn't created (I thought its gonna get registered when i would get message from you on my email address). Anyway what should i do? Thanks note: i did copy and paste becuase im basicly having the same exact problem and there is no point for me to retype all this up my self.
  7. sharkedm

    how to buy

    How to buy Rust Hack When I choose this game, no goods shelves
  8. explo1t


    Big hello!! First time to royalhack and first post i was looking for a rust hack as wanted to have some fun annoying a few of my real life friends who spend way to much time on rust, the game is good but takes long to grind as they own a vanilla server EAC secured!! i really want to toy with them!! Im guessing there is a lot of people like myself who would like a cheat for rust and from what ive been reading we need an invite? but im starting this thread as i would like to participate in any exploited hack or anything for Rust only and anyone else who would like to join me in my journey to achieving it without getting a ban. (ive never been banned before) The one thing i would love to see is some sort of codelock bruteforce hack error again. Hope i am welcome here and hopefully can contribute something to the group speak soon!!
  9. I was browsing the forums and came up with an idea for support/ban section. In this section the cheat users could post various info of received bans in game in a simple form like: Cheat: ("rust, csgo, etc") Features used: ("speed, aimbot, etc") Current settings: ("aimbot values etc") Banned by: ("ac system/admin") Banned while: ("playing/offline") Point of this is to inform devs and users to watch out for certain ways of using the cheats. Sorry for any grammar mistakes. English is not my main language. Have a nice day everyone!

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