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  1. Gekk0

    Rust/PUBG In store or Invite only?

    read the news section
  2. Gekk0

    2018 New prices !

  3. Gekk0

    RH Intro 2018

  4. Gekk0

    Fornite VS pubg wich one is better ??

    pubg cuz building is shitty
  5. Gekk0

    Banned game in Steam Account (worried)

    It will give you a new hardware id
  6. Gekk0

    Banned game in Steam Account (worried)

    you will only be overwatched if you play blatant... just ignore people saying that you cheat.. if it gets annoying just create a new csgo account..
  7. Gekk0

    Banned game in Steam Account (worried)

    What ban did you get? overwatch?
  8. Gekk0

    Deagle 4K Video

    btw this was without ESP and radar.... Only little aim
  9. Gekk0

    Deagle 4K Video

  10. Thanks for the nice review
  11. Gekk0

    Becoming Trusted

    The Admins decide who are trusted and who are not.

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