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  1. Best ever

    My pleasure mate !!! But if you could develop simple cheat for Dirty Bomb, THAT"D BE FREAKING AWESOME ! Anyways, I'm glad to have found Royal. Thank you. I now can enjoy playing CSGO. I suck really bad and nothing can change it, so yeah, I need assistant (cheat). and you guys provide the best cheat ever.
  2. Best ever

    I have been here for a few weeks. It's Amazing in terms of support and the cheat itself. It's FLAWLESS. I found any features I want here. It's complete. Perfect !!! Cheat's safety, security, features ! JUST PERFECT ! Compared to any other cheats provider. I'd 100% say, Royal is the best ever. I haven been to other cheat provider before and it sucks , to be completely honest. Support is always taking too long and their cheats are DETECTABLE, and really they don't care for you. I got banned twice using one of the cheat provider (Dirty Bomb Cheat). I posted thread about it but they DO NOT CARE. I feel like I wasn't even using the cheat, I used the cheat 3 times only and got banned immediately. Royal is 100% opposite to those cheat providers. Royal cares about my gaming security. Always up to date. I hope Royal keeps it up like this forever and develop more cheats. LIVE AND PROSPER ROYAL
  3. Banned game in Steam Account (worried)

    will do. oh one more thing, if I change new HDD and install new windows, Will it affect my royal cheat for CSGO ? Will I be able to use it there ? I don't change my laptop , just the HDD.
  4. Banned game in Steam Account (worried)

    Permanent BAN on DIRTY BOMB Game. I'm just worried about other players. Because they will just report me if they spot any suspicious play from me. For example, If it was me who feel like someone is cheating, I normally look at their steam profile first. If there is any BAN on their steam account, then yeah, I will ask everyone to report that player. It's just that it's very risky to play with an account that have got BAN on it. Getting many of reports might put me on Overwatch.
  5. Hi, Kindly need advice about my steam account. I just got banned in a game on my steam account. Should I create a new one ? Start fresh ? I got @royalhack.net CSGO cheat. I'm worried that my ban on that game would affect my CSGO. As you guys know, players will check out on my steam account when I play CSGO.
  6. Dirty Bomb is really not that popular but I have lots of fun playing it, but I suck.. Keep getting killed easily. Can I suggest you guys to look into develop cheat for Dirty Bomb ? Thank you
  7. Updrage to full

    I got ESP already . Can I upgrade to full ? ESP was just for testing and I LOVE IT ! ! ! I want more from your work. It is FREAKING AMAZAING what you guys have done for the cheat. Will I pay ESP again which is 6 Eu plus aimbot 12 eu ? or I just need to pay another 12 eu to upgrade to FULL cheat ?
  8. Cheats Status

    That's the thing . It might be very frustrating to wait for the update about cheats status. It is not posted anywhere in this website. Another thing, how am I getting the cheats ? what's the process ? I buy it then that's it ? or i need ADMINS to guide me trough for cheat activation and stuff ?
  9. Cheats Latency

    Hi, Quick question, If i were to load up the cheats in Asia region. Would it lag so much ?
  10. Cheats Status

    Hi, How do I know if cheats are being frozen because of updates etc ? I couldn't find it on this website regarding cheats status. I might be in trouble if I load up the cheat when it's detectable.

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