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I have been here for a few weeks. It's Amazing in terms of support and the cheat itself.

It's FLAWLESS. I found any features I want here. 

It's complete. Perfect !!! Cheat's safety, security, features ! JUST PERFECT !

Compared to any other cheats provider. I'd 100% say, Royal is the best ever. I haven been to other cheat provider before  and it sucks , to be completely honest.

Support is always taking too long and their cheats are DETECTABLE, and really they don't care for you. I got banned twice using one of the cheat provider (Dirty Bomb Cheat). I posted thread about it but they DO NOT CARE.  I feel like I wasn't even using the cheat, I used the cheat 3 times only and got banned immediately. 

Royal is 100% opposite to those cheat providers. Royal cares about my gaming security. Always up to date. 

I hope Royal keeps it up like this forever and develop more cheats. 



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My pleasure mate !!! 


But if you could develop simple cheat for Dirty Bomb, THAT"D BE FREAKING AWESOME ! :D:D


Anyways, I'm glad to have found Royal. Thank you. I now can enjoy playing CSGO. I suck really bad and nothing can change it, so yeah, I need assistant (cheat).

and you guys provide the best cheat ever. :x:x:x 

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