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  1. [CSGO]

    * aimbot * i can't feedback for ragehack because i dont use it Legitbot: 10/10 can configur all weapon im using psilent for pistol and snipe working perfectly i use RCS / for rifles working very good u can configure it * ESP * C4 & Weapon ESP: 10/10 Can't make it any better ~ Triggerbot * used max 5/6 time but it work good my rate is 8,5/10 I purchassed this hack several times, and never got detected for it deserves a rating of 200/10 if one day a friend of mine asks me if i know cheap hacks I will definitely recommend royalhack - The cheat is an overall 9,5/10 for me. I'll definitely be sticking around for future cheats. I think we never put developer work forward so I wanted to thank you for your accomplished work without you there would not be all that and I will not be here to write all that Best regards, Alexandre
  2. How do you guys feel about hacking??

    I like hacking legit when i play with some friend because they take me for a god

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