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  1. RealTubz

    N3tw0rks "CS:GO full" Review

    Thank you for your review! Glad you are enjoying your stay
  2. RealTubz

    [RustHack] how to buy cheats on rust

    Yomix you are wrong. it isnt impossible to 'apply' for the rust hacks. You can make an application and unstuck will either approve/decline in his own time. Dont bug him about it.
  3. RealTubz

    New President elect

  4. RealTubz

    Anal or oral

  5. RealTubz

    Fortnut or pubg

  6. RealTubz

    [CS:GO FULL]

    Sorry to hear you didn't like it. You can always request some features to be added.
  7. RealTubz

    Left 4 Dead 2

    So beautiful
  8. RealTubz

    Pubg player

    Thanks for sharing.
  9. RealTubz

    Play together

  10. RealTubz

    Play together

    @Yomix Its where you will be only placed against players who have the prime status.. Meaning they are all high levels and all have a phone number linked, meaning slightly a drop in cheaters.
  11. RealTubz

    [CSGO FULL] PK's review & suggestion

    Great review, good idea on the bind config option, would be cool to have
  12. RealTubz

    Play together

    Hey @Jamestrollol If you have prime, i'll happily play. i dont care about ping, doesnt bother me. Feel free to drop me a message on discord.
  13. RealTubz

    Feedback CS GO

    Great review!
  14. RealTubz


    Hey JulianEph, Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay🤗
  15. RealTubz


    Did you not even consider the READ ME that unstuck highlighted?

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