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  1. RealTubz

    [RustHack] how to buy cheats on rust

    Yomix you are wrong. it isnt impossible to 'apply' for the rust hacks. You can make an application and unstuck will either approve/decline in his own time. Dont bug him about it.
  2. RealTubz

    New President elect

  3. RealTubz

    Anal or oral

  4. RealTubz

    Fortnut or pubg

  5. RealTubz

    [CS:GO FULL]

    Sorry to hear you didn't like it. You can always request some features to be added.
  6. RealTubz

    Left 4 Dead 2

    So beautiful
  7. RealTubz

    Pubg player

    Thanks for sharing.
  8. RealTubz

    Play together

  9. RealTubz

    Play together

    @Yomix Its where you will be only placed against players who have the prime status.. Meaning they are all high levels and all have a phone number linked, meaning slightly a drop in cheaters.
  10. RealTubz

    [CSGO FULL] PK's review & suggestion

    Great review, good idea on the bind config option, would be cool to have
  11. RealTubz

    Play together

    Hey @Jamestrollol If you have prime, i'll happily play. i dont care about ping, doesnt bother me. Feel free to drop me a message on discord.
  12. RealTubz

    Feedback CS GO

    Great review!
  13. RealTubz


    Hey JulianEph, Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay🤗
  14. RealTubz


    Did you not even consider the READ ME that unstuck highlighted?
  15. RealTubz


    Ok but the point im getting to is royalhack will NOT even consider sponsoring you unless you make a video using royalhack. It's a small investment.

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