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  1. Aimbot - Second best aimbot I've used. The customization in it is unmatched by any other hack. Quality work done here. Only suggestions I have are to add backtracking and an ability to make it more sticky. Triggerbot - Works well. Would suggest adding hitchance to it. Other than that it works very well. Visuals - Very nice. Not too many options but has the ones that count. Toggle key is very useful. Misc - Not that many options but all work as intended. Skin changer - Unstuck just reworked this so it has some bugs but works as intended for the most part, other than gloves not working for some users. (He has promised to fix it when he has time.) Security - Never been vac banned when using the hack. Never been banned by overwatch. Currently using on an account with 655 wins that is supreme. This cheat is very good and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good legit cheat. The video below showcases some of the extremely good looking frags I've gotten with the hack over the past few days. There are plenty more but I wanted to keep it short and sweet.
  2. gang shit good work boys
  4. cmon people this game is good we need MORE SUPPORT
  5. the hack's secure and has been undetected since release.
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