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  1. Chorzzz

    CSGO anti-cheats and leagues

    if you gonna make faceit bypass and esea then it'll be awesome i think more people would buy csgo hack.
  2. Chorzzz

    We should limit some inactive users!

    google translate is actually bad
  3. Chorzzz

    We should limit some inactive users!

    I wrote same posts a lot of times and nothing changed yet.
  4. Chorzzz

    New memes

    Ask these assholes above
  5. Chorzzz

    New memes

    I wanna add new smiles to rh that's all
  6. Chorzzz

    New memes

    I was thinking about new smiles in discord and site.
  7. Chorzzz

    New cheats?

    no it isn't
  8. Chorzzz

    New cheats?

    Wanna see r6s hack and any cul game hacks
  9. Chorzzz

    [CSGO FULL] Garry's Review

    Good review, this is the one of the best csgo hack i've ever seen tbh like it very much too
  10. Chorzzz

    [Suggestion] Require ID for invites

    Good idea but even if it won't happen then need to do anything for making invite cheats more private. Imo Or it will be endlessly detected....
  11. Chorzzz

    What are you listening right now ?

    Lol everyone's listening to Kendrick Lamar and i listen to Kizaru
  12. Chorzzz


    That's bad idea need to keep everything like now but :detele all resellers and add a discount to people that living in Russia or China. 1900rubles for Russia and good price for china in $. and check all invited members that's good idea.

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