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  1. I don't know how popular this idea is, but I think that you guys should require an ID to receive an invite to insure that EAC moles don't get in and to discourage leakers. Considering that a security update is coming soon I think this would be nice to make sure the hacks stay undetected. I also think to be fair, members like myself who already have paid should be required to send in an ID before renewing their subscription. If the admins like this idea, I would be one of the first to send in my ID. Just my two cents, its a good thing to think about, although I understand a lot of members may enjoy their privacy and think this is too intrusive. I would love to hear opinions on this. EDIT: Well, how02 voted no on the poll, so I guess this will never happen...
  2. Hey, welcome to the forum! If you want to get the rust hack, I reccomend you just become an active member of the community. Good luck!
  3. I'll start: i5 6600k OC 4.6 GHz Sapphire RX 480 OC ~ 1400 mHz 8 GB RAM DDR4 3100 mHz Mouse: Razer Mamba Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Chroma Headset: Astro A40s And a 1440p ASUS monitor (so worth the $$)
  4. Yes just go to and they have tons of free hacks. As for how long they will last you...
  5. Most Rust hacks will only take 25 - 50 people, so I was wondering how many people have the hack here? It seems like it is pretty hard to get invited, as I've been here for a while but I don't have the Rust hacks. Maybe if there's too many people who have it that's why it keeps getting detected.
  6. I was looking for Rust hacks and I found a link to this forum. I still haven't gotten any Rust hacks, and they've been detected for a while. I just hope that they will fix them and that I'll get to use them! Anyway, I'm super glad I found this forum, it's awesome.
  7. I agree except I think all the invites should be suspended. Then they should do what you said. Just the past 3 to 4 days might not catch the mole, because they could have had the hack for a while and waited to leak it or EAC could've delayed the banwave for this hack.
  8. My PMs are broke , my discord is named Jetirk, and I'm on the RoyalHack discord so just contact me on there and we can trade
  9. It could've been detected, nobody knows. I wouldn't be surprised considering it got leaked before.
  10. It will probably never be released.
  11. I would look up Youtube tutorials tbh.
  12. Jetirk


    Welcome, it's a great community.
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