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  1. I'm not sure i've 100% understand but, once you have injected the cheat, he'll "close" hiself, that's normal. You can see him running on the bottom right in your task manager, it's an invisibke icone. And to run it IG, just press insert .
  2. +Garry, illuminaty confirmed !
  3. ok, thx for your answer How02 !! I was just thinking when a player create a code for his door, this code was saved in a file or something ^^ Not a bad idea Paniic, but a way to long i think
  4. Hello all, First, i just want to tell i know nothing about how to code hacks etc, so i guess that will be a noob question... But i was just wondering if a Code Lock Hack was something possible to do in a rust hack ? or it's very complicated ? (it's not a suggestion for the Royal Hack dev's, just a question)
  5. Sup man, i'm the Lord Baguette ! [LB]
  6. i use CyberGhost sometimes, but in all free vpn i've used for now, my dedicated passband suck. I'll try with PureVpn i think. Thx for the recommendations btw
  7. Agree, i've used the Nvidia one when cheating on Csgo, and it works like a charm !
  8. Pazpok we are close friend you Know. Alors suce un cul et invite moi enfoiré !

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