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  1. RHClient Update 27/04/2017

    yeah, whatever, i know it's a very usefull and funny feature, but just don't use it if you don't want to get kick, and spec by admins so ...
  2. RHClient Update 27/04/2017

    Just play smart with ... Go very slowly, that's all.
  3. RHClient Update 27/04/2017

    Ladder Hack feature works, not really nicely cause it still kick you, but it works
  4. RHClient Update 27/04/2017

    People who alredy use it think it's still detected, so, same warning than above the chatbox, use it at your own risk ...
  5. RH Client

    I'm not sure i've 100% understand but, once you have injected the cheat, he'll "close" hiself, that's normal. You can see him running on the bottom right in your task manager, it's an invisibke icone. And to run it IG, just press insert .
  6. RHClient Update 27/04/2017

    Nice !! I'll try this in few hours. Thx for the update!
  7. Hello @Smurfman , i've just got the same problem than @DmitryFalse. Injected the hack, Spoof, play. After a few moment, restarting my windows, try to inject, and i've got the same error message. " Your Hardware ID can only be rested once in 24 hours. " I'll wait 24h, but it's just to tell you Gl

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