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  1. File

    Okey then.. I'm sorry . So any idea how to stop my problems? Should I download new client or just delete the new file folder?
  2. File

    Please kindly look at the link. I post screenshot of the file. https://ibb.co/gr96bQ sometimes when I inject it, new file folder appear. After that I download new client. https://ibb.co/kBU035
  3. File

    well.. is there any solution to stop the file from continuing to create new files? Thank you!
  4. File

    ah... I see... I already deleted it. So the file will continuously make a new file?
  5. File

    Hello. I want to ask, whenever i use RH Client, it keep make a new file. How to stop the file from making a lot of file?
  6. authenticator

    oh im really sorry, i just noticed it. Thank you sir!
  7. authenticator

    every time i want to account security, it keeps ask me about "verification required". I really forget the answer. How to reset it?
  8. authenticator

    Any administrator, I need help. I forgot my authenticator asnwer, I need to reset it but i fogot what the answer is. I can give a proof that the account is mine.
  9. RH Client

    So there is a new client right? I accidentally delete all of the old files. But now when i inject with the new files, I cant show the cheat. Can someone help me?

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