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  1. stezz


    Couldn't have said it better myself. A very constructive review indeed. superb editing.
  2. Prestige, I don't mean to be rude. But, no one cares about your rep. if you are going to be disrespectful, please rethink before posting.
  3. You don't care about this site, yet your donate. Peculiar investment strategies.
  4. I have minimal knowledge on computer upgrading, and actually bough a prebuilt computer a couple years ago. i want to know what PCI cable I need, on my graphics card there are two 6 pin ports. I need to know what I need to install this, (what cord matches power source and graphics card) My pc the new card I want to install: vision TEK 6, Radeon HD 6870
  5. I wouldn't mind playing rust with you sometime, and show you how good the rust cheat is.
  6. This same question, or ones similar to it, have been posted many times. I recommend you look around the forums and get to know the community; it's great. Concerning the Rust Hack, you must be granted an invisible rank, called "invited". You can be chosen by a trusted member, then a staff will look into you. Once you are "Trusted" or "Invited", you will be able to purchase the Rust Hack for 35euros/month. Unless under the current circumstances, if you have access to a priveledged cheat, you must buy it once a month to ensure your access to it. like I said before, get to know the community. Go join the discord, meet some new people. Just don't befriend someone solely for an invite, that's low. also, stay away from shiro, he's square
  7. Unstuck, they dont want former cheaters playing their game. They made an announcement once telling a dude to stop buying the game, because they dont want former cheaters.
  8. This forum was made in late 2016...most people showed up in early 2017 or just before
  9. Cheats here go through private testing before release..... Stick around and show some support. I'm sure if you are active and show that you are cool, you will be considered (if it ends up being private)
  10. Rust cheat is currently detected right now. Best thing you can do is stick around and wait.
  11. the answer to your question has been answered multiple times. Look around the site a bit or use search function if you are curious
  12. stezz

    Rust Hack

    The beta is done. Rust hack is for sale for those who are invited. Cheat got detected somehow unfortunately. Good luck on your quest for rust hacks. I recommend you stay around in this community, it's friendly and usually always positive.
  13. Haven't played rust for a while. I can say that the rust hack was pretty good though.
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