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  1. LastModsYT

    Hack Vote

  2. LastModsYT

    Hack Vote

    just a curious question to see what the community wants !
  3. LastModsYT


    Welcome to the community hope to see your name posting in other forums!
  4. LastModsYT

    playerunknow cheat

    ive been checking this game out for a while and seeing RH dig in it would be amazing, excited to see it come!
  5. LastModsYT

    Is Rust Hack Detected?

    Okay thank you ill just give it a few days maybe and see what continues happening with the community and they're experiences.
  6. LastModsYT

    Is Rust Hack Detected?

    i've been seeing a lot in the chat box about people getting instantly banned when they load they're rust hack, i was just curious before i inject the hack if its safe to do so? i would rather be safe then sorry...
  7. LastModsYT

    Where to find how to Code?

    actually C# might of been i what i was using before now that i think about thank you for all thhe information tho
  8. LastModsYT

    Congratulations RoyalHack's

    Congrats to RoyalHack for hitting 4000 users, The RoyalHack Community is growing very fast and is a great place to be with friendly users, Great topics and amazing hacks. Thanks for the work and im looking forward to being around to watch the community grow!
  9. LastModsYT

    Where to find how to Code?

    Thank you :)i believe i started learning python if im not mistaking i would show you what it look but im not quite sure how to upload photo's here
  10. LastModsYT

    Where to find how to Code?

    Ive been wanting to start making my own menus and hacks for a little while, i made a little rtm tool for ps3 a long time ago, but forgot what i did... So can someone be so kind and teach me or at least point me in the best place to learn? thamk you
  11. LastModsYT

    Rust Invite only?

    My apologies for bringing this up I just checked my emails and received a invite 2 days ago, thank you
  12. LastModsYT

    Rust Invite only?

    I messaged you back
  13. LastModsYT

    Rust Invite only?

    I've been involved for sometime now and i am considered a member do I receive a invite to the rust ?
  14. LastModsYT

    Server Owners

    Any server owners ? i own a Server on Rust [3/9] LastRust|CLans|Kits|QSmelt|5x feel free to check it out or to test your hacks on

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