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  1. OK bro, thank you, but please don't forget to invite me to PUBG cheat when it's be ready to purchase.
  2. Only Admin can resolve this problem my friend.
  3. Hello everyone, i created this topic because i have some of questions about PUBG & RUST Hacks. What is the news about RUST HACK? RoyalHack TEAM still working on it or not? About PUBG hack it's under development, detected or undetected. If its undetected can i purchase it, i am a member more than 3 months and i was in Rust private cheat aria before. This is my best website and i buy all the cheats here, i think that i deserve to be invited to PUBG Hack even it's detected i want to try it. Thank you. : ) Note: Sorry for bad grammar my EN not helping

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