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Hello everyone, i created this topic because i have some of questions about PUBG & RUST Hacks. What is the news about RUST HACK? RoyalHack TEAM still working on it or not?

About PUBG hack it's under development, detected or undetected. If its undetected can i purchase it, i am a member more than 3 months and i was in Rust private cheat aria before. This is my best website and i buy all the cheats here, i think that i deserve to be invited to PUBG Hack even it's detected i want to try it.


Thank you. : )




Note: Sorry for bad grammar my EN not helping me. :D 

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Rust hack is discontinued for now. Might be worked on next year.

PUBG Hack is in progress and was undetected for a while successfuly, but a former developer named how02 is a snitch and sent some code snippets to BattleEye so we got detected.

Lucky me I know what got signed so it's going to be patched soon.


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