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  1. @nanchong I think you need someone to translate for you, so I will. 1. He basically wants inactive, invited members to lose their invite. 2. Opinions of long-time members should be valued.
  2. A lot of the ones out there don't work anymore, thats why I am giving it away. #NoEnv SendMode Input ~F6::Suspend ~End::ExitApp ~F5::Reload LCtrl & ~LButton:: Loop If GetKeyState("LButton", "LCtrl") { Sleep, 6 moveAmount := (moveAmount = 2) ? 1 : 0 mouseXY(moveAmount,5.5) } else break Return mouseXY(x,y) { DllCall("mouse_event",int,1,int,x,int,y,uint,0,uint,0) } There is the source. 0.6 is the recommended sens.
  3. I know that there aren't many scripts out there for rust that work atm. So I decided I would give one away that I made a couple days ago. I did make it a .exe to hopefully prevent some people trying to get the source, but it will most likely happen. If anybody does happen to get the source, please message me on how I can improve it. Before I give it away I want to know if I am even allowed to. So, @UnstucK and @how02 am I allowed to giveaway this script?
  4. Good review, I have heard amazing things about this place. Glad you enjoy the cheat.
  5. People are dicks in rust, and the zergs are retarded, which is why I am looking for cheats. I'm hoping that RH can fix this whole security issue. It really is a great cheat with amazing devs and I can't wait (hopefully) till I get invited. I have been around other sites before and RH definitely takes the cake when it comes to features.
  6. I can't tell if it's your English or your stupidity. 1st off, your argument is 100% INVALID. You can't even get invites anymore unless it is directly from Blunt. 2nd stop whining, nobody threatened you. Hmmm. Maybe you sold the invite to an EAC dev and now you are taking it out on everybody else?
  7. Yeah, but a lot of people don't like that for some reason. Only reason I think you should show your face is because you could ID them if they were a dev (probably idk if all devs show their face.)
  8. Recently, the rust cheat has been given to either ALL the EAC devs, or a lucky few. If you didn't hear about this, some trusted members were selling invites, there has been a post made by @Chorzzz trying to remove all re sellers too. (I 100% agree with him.) Anyways, in order to crack down on the issue I believe that @UnstucK should remove all invited members from the last 3-4 days, then if they want to be invited back, they will have to fill out some sort of application and include their shipping address, full name, and have some sort of proof that it's them. For ex: Taking a picture of them holding a piece of paper that says "Royal Hack, @(their name)" in front of the website home screen. (Face must be visible.) There are other ways to get rid of the problem, but I feel like this would be the easiest.
  9. The rust cheat will be suspended for as long as it takes them to make it undetected again. Although they might have it taken down even longer to figure out who is giving the EAC devs invites.
  10. Um, thanks for that very colorful review.
  11. I am new here and I want to change some of my profile settings, but when I try to do anything simple like: trying to change my profile picture. It says I don't have permission. If any admins could help out that would be great.
  12. Curse


    Yes I know the title just makes the question seem like the same old generic question on how to get an invite. I have a friend here that is invited and is willing to invite me. Currently he is not able to because he hasn't been invited long enough (or something like that.) Here is the question: Will I receive some sort of email or notification on the website? I am not very active on forums much but I am active on places like discord. Only reason I am saying this is because I don't want to get invited and not see the notification once I am. Wouldn't want that invite to go to waste.
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