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  1. Sarrowy

    Rust eac banned

    You need check this,hope it can help u.
  2. Sarrowy

    Hello , I want to buy Cheatr PUBG

    PUBG is not ready to sell yet.Admin still working on it.
  3. Sarrowy

    rust hack

    NO ETA check this https://royalhack.net/announcement/5-rust-hack-security/
  4. Sarrowy

    Rust Hack

    Do we have beta test of rust hack?I doubt it.Btw rust cheat is detected right now.
  5. Sarrowy

    求H1Z1和 PUB

  6. Sarrowy

    We should limit some inactive users!

    Actually,invited rank is not not a permanent rank.one month without purchasing a restricted product will get your rank removed BTW,i like help ppl on the forum,but i dont like talk too much on discord.
  7. Sarrowy

    New memes

    sounds good ,why not?
  8. Sarrowy

    New memes

    Wtf happening here?
  9. Sarrowy

    New cheats?

  10. Sarrowy

    New cheats?

    R6s is boring when u cheating .Trust me
  11. Sarrowy

    nanchong Scammer!

  12. Sarrowy

    [Suggestion] Require ID for invites

    Sounds good .
  13. Sarrowy

    Rust Hacks

    U r welcome
  14. Sarrowy

    Rust Hacks

    Hack is enable but it's got EAC Detected .Admin is working on it .You can use it but at you own risks.
  15. Sarrowy

    playerunknow cheat

    wow,that's great!looking forward to it 4Head

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