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  1. best legit cheat on the market hands down.
  2. wish i could see more videos. really interesting to watch
  3. is there a way to enable Auto Wall with the Triggerbot?
  4. grenade prediction: shows a line from the players hand [ when holding the nade in the air] where the grenade will penetrate. and if aimed at the wall, it would show where the nade would ricochet and land. Spectator list: this one would be very useful so we can decide if we wanna toggle off, hide something or be blatant and show off to someone. either way i think its super useful.. because it can help you stay aware of users watching you [ in which they might be reporting you ] so it could help keep your account less reported. extras; these aren't really something i desperat
  5. 1.6 back when Tobys.dk was a thing hahaha got really into cheating early source days though. i remember when Enhanced aim project-7 & x22 were competing.

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