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  1. LithiumPre40

    Barrel ESP

    Does RH have this yet?
  2. skinchanger doesn't appear in overwatch, only client side. Also, in overwatch, you cannot see people's inventory. They only appear as "The Suspect" and that is all the Overwatcher is allowed to know.
  3. It's the MP7 but does two less damage and suppressed. But I like it still.
  4. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read it
  5. Did my best to cover it fully. Thank you for reading.
  6. Really..? I might've overlooked that then. Thank you for letting me know.
  7. Royal Hack's Full CS:GO Hack: Review Throughout this review, I'll be rating each feature of the hack and rate them each on a scale from 0-10, and discussing how I came to this conclusion. The total score can vary from 0-80. Aimbot - 10/10 The aimbot on this hack is easy to set up considering how many options you can fine tune to your liking. The aimbot has options to tweak the recoil control system, the aimbot's delay, how long you will keep the target, the FOV of the aimbot, whether you want to aim at your allies or not, the target priority, as well as a neat recoil crosshair that tells you where the next shot is going to land. The aimbot can be very smooth when trying to legit, or very snappy if you're rage cheating. Of course, this is not a dedicated rage hack nor is it an HvH hack. It is a legit hack and does a very good job of looking human, provided the appropriate settings. I have no complaints with the aimbot whatsoever. Triggerbot - 10/10 The triggerbot system is also very easy to set up. Of course, it doesn't have as many options as the aimbot but that is because it's a triggerbot and there aren't many things you would be able to change. That being said, the triggerbot is pretty much fully changeable. You can decide which hitbox it works on, the delay, whether it works through smokes or not, and you can even choose for it to work on teammates. The triggerbot works very well. It hasn't failed me once, and its easy to get shots through mid on Dust 2 ? Though I wouldn't do that too often, as triggerbot can be blatant. I have no complaints about the triggerbot. Misc - 8/10 The miscellaneous section of this hack is very simple. You can turn on bunnyhop, autostrafe, auto pistol, show rank, and you can change your FOV. These are basic in all hacks and I'm happy to see them in action on this hack as well. All the options are helpful and easy to use, though I don't recommend bunnyhopping and autostrafe because overwatch will be sure to ban you if they see you using it like you're Phoon. My only quarrel with the miscellaneous options is that there could have been more to it. I am very satisfied with the options now, however, it would've been nice to see more features such as no flash and no smoke. Though, I can see why they aren't options since they can be pretty blatant. ESP - 10/10 The ESP for this hack is phenomenal. It offers a wide variety of features including chams, player ESP, weapon ESP, C4 ESP, sound ESP, and grenade ESP. Each of these features are fully customizable to your liking. I'll break them down for you Chams Chams make players highly visible so that you don't overlook an opponent. Chams have the ability to be XQZ, meaning they work through walls, changing color on the parts that aren't visible, so you dont try and shoot them through walls. You can use chams on your teammates. Player ESP Boxes - a box around the player Hitboxes - a 3D box surrounding areas that count as hits on the enemy playermodel Head dot - a dot on their head lol Stats - name, weapon they are using, health, healthbar, distance Skeleton - self explanatory Weapon Allows you to see dropped weapons Box - a box around the weapon Stats- name, distance Primary/Secondary - allows you to disable ESP for secondaries or for primaries so you may only see one of the two. Or both. Defuse kits Dropped Grenades C4 Box Stats - state of the bomb (planted or dropped), distance Defuse timer - how long a CT has left before it has been defused. Explode timer - how long until the bomb explodes (cool to wait until 7 seconds and get a Ninja defuse ?) Sound See information on sounds players make Stats - Footstep, gunshot, reload, plant sound, defuse sound, distance of the sound Can enable Ally sounds Grenade View the trajectory of grenades View the type of grenade thrown View the distance of the grenade Overall, the ESP is incredible and I have no complaints. Radar - 7/10 The radar is simple and easy to use. Unfortunately the Radar doesn't offer a mode to use the in game minimap, but its still decent to use. You can change the size of the icons as well as the range that they begin to appear on the radar. Crosshairs - 10/10 This is an easy one to go over. RH offers a selection of 10 crosshairs to replace or compliment the one you use in game. These crosshairs are super cool looking. The best part? They work on snipers too! Customization - 9/10 I absolutely love that almost everything in RH is fully customizable, in the terms of color. My only issue is the menu windows and the main bar isn’t able to be change. I think the bar would be really cool in different colors like red and purple, though this is just my opinion. Other - 10/10 I am including binds and configs here in the “Other” section. The binds system is cool. You can set up a key to enable or disable your aimbot, triggerbot, radar, and even each of the ESP types (player, grenade, c4, weapon, and sound). Here you can also set up a “panic key”. This key will disable the use of all hacks and disables the ability to open the menu at all. Pressing the panic key again will reactivate the hack. The config system is also great. In the menu you can save, load, and even create a new configuration for your cheat entirely. You can also download other people’s configs and use and edit them for yourself. Overall - 74/80 RH is probably THE best cheat out for CS:GO right now. I have tried a variety and even tried pasting back when that was relevant. I have never had an experience as good as this one. RH also has an unbeatable price. I pay 35 USD every month and it’s worth every penny. **Side note: I can’t wait for skinchanger to be added back
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