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  1. The only thing that RoyalHacks needs is : FACE IT UPGRADE PVPPRO UPGRADE and its enough ? Best hacks 4 ever ❤️
  2. Hello, I would like to start off by statin that i haven't cheating on CSGO. Over these years i played all the time legit but im wasted of playing against cheaters. "If u can't beat them , join them" I started to use Royal Hacks and this cheat is the cleanest and most interessing cheats i've used. So many years i tried in Call of Duty 2 but with another company and i had no regrets , awesome. Now being massacred with cheaters i start to use when they start to use it! Only in that case This Cheats has great aim assist and esp options. This Aimbot is incredible. A lot of quality and multiple choices. Triggerbot is working very well, i have no complains about this. The ESP doest what is suppose to do. The visuals are awesome , there is not so many options but we can't complain, its enough Misc with bunnyhop , its enough. Skin Changer i dont try because in overwatch they can see ur inventory and u will get banned Until now i never been banned with overwatch so its wonderfull. Not vac banned. I recommend all the people using Royal Hacks because is the best cheats i ever seen, so clean and so beautiful when we are playing , it seems we play like a fucking global
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