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Found 18 results

  1. I can't do anything there

    Can anyone tell me, why i cant buy or even use a chat on this site? i have bought cheat for csgo two times, and when i want to buy it today i see this notification:"You are not allowed to but this produckt". What is going on ?
  2. RoyalHack CS:GO Full Review

    RoyalHack CS:GO Full Review Aimbot ( 8/10 ) Aimbot is actually work perfectly and also it's fit with my style but the problem is you can't hold key to keep aimbot active ~.~' Trigger Bot ( I don't know why we need this because Aimbot take care all this job ) ESP ( 9/10 ) Don't have any word can say about it, but it don't have glow . Misc ( 10/10 ) Good work and very simple Skin Changer ( 7/10 ) Skin changer don't have Glove right ? and also some Animation of Knife when I press F to view it's look so weird ( only M9, Bayonet and Karambit work oke ) Inject Cheat ( 10/10 ) Fast and Simple .
  3. Can you help me?

    Hello, i want to buy the CSGO ESP cheat and i want to know if i need an USB stick in order to activate the cheat
  4. This cheat is a really good for someone looking for a smooth and clean style. These are some ratings I give to everything included in the package! Note: That this is the CS:GO FULL version only! Aimbot: (9/10) The aimbot has a nice, smooth clean style to it if you're using the right settings. The smoothness of the aimbot is amazing. The reason I give it 9/10 is because it's not that good for raging (Which I like to do sometimes), because it doesn't have autowall like other cheats. ESP: (9/10) The ESP is extremely good and smooth looking, it doesn't glitch out like some other cheats. My favorite esp combo is the 2d box, skeleton and health bar. The only downside is there's no simple glow. I really love simple glow. (Chams is good too, which is being added soon) MISC: 10/10 Best bhop out there in my opinion. Auto accept is a little buggy, but still works. Auto pistol is very useful when using the USP. Radar: N/A I don't use the radar, I see no use Overall, this cheat is better than other cheats when it comes to legit play. I definitely recommend it. The other awesome thing is it has never been VAC detected. I use it on my main (Not really recommended), and never got banned. (10/10 cheat overall) Edit: Oh, I forgot skin changer... Uhm... 10/10, works like it's supposed to...
  5. CSGO cheat youtube preview

    Hello guys. I do a Cheat preview about Royalhack at my channel
  6. CSGO Full Cheat Review after 24 hours

    Aimbot : 9/10 The Aimbot is easy to use and looks very legit. After 24 hours i didn't get any problems with the aimbot. The aimbot is very Perfect for legit cheating. But i only get the Problem thats the PSilent aim some times didn't work. RCS : 9/10 The RCS system is very good Scripted. But sometimes the RCS is with the right settings not Correct. ESP : 10/10 The ESP is very good and Simple. It is easy to activate and the designe is also good. Skin Changer : 10/10 The Skin changer do what a skin changer do. Simple and it works with no problems Triggerbot : 10/10 The Trigger bot works very very good and have no problems. Cheat performance : 9/10 The cheat Performance look very good. With the ESP i get no FPS drops or somthing like that and in the 24 hours with the cheat i get very much fun. Thats was my Review after 24 hours with the Royal Hack CSGO full cheat.
  7. CSGO Stream Proof?

    Hello. Simple questions. Is the cheat stream proof?
  8. Become Sponsored by Royal Hack

    Hello everyone, If you are active on YouTube or other medias and with a fair "fanbase" you can become sponsored by Royal Hack. This means free hacks for you and also a special 10% discount code available for your community on their first RH purchase. For now we only offer sponsorship for our CSGO Hack. If you are interested, please send me a private message and link me to your media. ps: Giveaways are also possible. psps: Sponsored will also unlock access to some premium hacks later on before everyone else.
  9. Fps

    Hello. Im really thinking about buying this cheat (CS:GO). Can I get some fps drops while using the cheat or no? Also do I need to use an USB? Thank you.
  10. Im very new to csgo hacking and this is my first time! help would be appreciated!
  11. CSGO Popflash

    Is the csgo hack detected on Popflash?
  12. Hello! How far can I go with pSilent? 1-2 fov for legit play? And how good does it look on 128-tick server? Does the cheat have a Standalone RCS? Can you tell me anything about your security on how safe we're against VAC? Can I play on community server with SMAC? Do I need to have the cheat on my USB? And do I need to close Steam/CSGO before injecting? Best Regards!
  13. Royal Hack CSGO Full is Free today !

    Hello everyone, Check out the Royal Hack Store to grab your Free 1Day CSGO Full subscription. Enjoy while you can Offer will end tomorrow.
  14. Could I run my private cheat while simultaneously running your cheat? would this get me vacced? would they cancel each other out? I want to know because i would like your aimbot etc. but i have my own ESP..... could i run my ESP and your aimbot pack?
  15. Faceit

    Does RoyalHacks bypass faceit?
  16. Just pasting this info so new people know Incase you didn't know, there's 3 different ban types in CS:GO. There's "Untrusted", "Cheating Infraction" and "Convicted". I'll go through these now. UNTRUSTED http://i.gyazo.com/e96d2e39d45a892928136906d488de86.png (Old image, Untrusted bans are permanent!) Untrusted bans are caused by using detected features of a cheat in MM. This could be NoSpread / NoRecoil. Using these features in MM will quickly lead to an untrusted ban and will be converted into a VAC ban within 24 hours. CHEATING INFRACTION http://i.gyazo.com/ee486feb0b5690e10d4f3fb9aca0a4a3.png You will receive this message if the cheat has been detected. Note VAC bans can be caused by different cheats, so if you've used a different hack provider in a 2-6 week period, they could of been the detected one. CONVICTED BY OVERWATCH - MAJORLY DISRUPTIVE http://i.gyazo.com/c1250675deeab83f62d83371011e30fe.png (Old image, Overwatch bans are permanent!) This is caused when you were reported in MM, and a member of Overwatch has watched over your game, then classifying you as a cheater. This gets you a permanent ban from Matchmaking and Casual servers. Hopefully this can clear things up for people when they get banned...
  17. Psilent

    So I was wondering if your cheat has Psilent or if you guys plan to add it. I heard that it is easily detectable, but was just wondering.

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