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  1. Hello all! I just recently stumbled upon this hacking site, And saw you guys offer a variety of games to buy cheats for which is awesome! Although i'am really only interested in trying to get into the rust private cheat as i used to hack Rust back in the day with AA and after all the bans it went through and them finally removing support for the cheat, I stopped cheating in rust, and decided to play legit. I have now more then 3k hours into an account and around 6k total hours throughout all the accounts i cheated on with AA back in the day i recently went looking around for a new cheat that supports rust online as im getting tired of what seems like 50% or more of the rust community these days have some sort of cheat and playing on vanilla servers only to be out aimed by cheaters and losing alot. Thats what brought me here I see the cheat you guys offer for rust is private which is a good thing! I'm glad it's protected for this very reason to be less detected and not being able to get in developer hands so easily Which brings me to my next point. I read that by donating and supporting the site with funds can increase your likely hood of receiving an invite once you do the application for the cheat. So with that being said.. I am going to be donating every week starting this Tuesday, I want to help the admins and community with support of the cheats and helping pay with security as i know it sure isnt cheap doing so with the time invested and money to keeping such cheats alive and undetected! I have been cheating for a long time starting back in the days of Xbox Modding and even running my own services for games like Halo, and COD / etc. i came to PC in around 2014 and started playing alot of World Of Warcraft and buying cheats for it regularly, as well as just buying cheats for other games such as The Division when hackers were all around HeHe, Point im trying to get across is im very dedicated to hacking in games and overall just like to play safe and pay for good cheats from good people! And it seems this is a good place to be for that to happen! I love to play rust and mainly only rust when it comes to FPS Shooters it's one of those games that have just kept making me come back for more to play and i love that. Anyways I just wanted to introduce myself to the community and say what my plans are to help the community and site as a whole for myself. and i wish i played other games regularly or i would buy the other cheats you have to offer on the site XD I hope this wouldn't impact my future with applying to the rust cheat as that is the main game i play other then a select few others I will be staying active as much as i can on the site but i do work a full time job and have weird hours, so i might not be around all the time but i will be stopping by and posting in chat and etc when possible and doing my best to increase my chances and become a trusted member of the community to buy rust hacks from you guys in the future! Also i did join the community discord under the name "Cosmic" But not sure if its for active cheat members or what but anyways Hope all is doing well and see you guys around! - Cosmic
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