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  1. Smurfman


    Good question.
  2. He is probably hwid banned, tell him to use EAAC before trying again.
  3. I used to mess around years ago in CS 1.6 with public cheats mostly just the rage aimbots with speedhacks etc, then I moved CSS and got VAC banned quite a lot so I eventually found a cheat called KGCheats which never got me VAC banned due to the Ring0 security (The patchguard disabled stuff), after this I moved to CSGO and now I am currently cheating in Rust Edit: Forgot to mention I also cheated quite a bit in TF2 but never really legit because I did not take that game seriously its always fun to annoy the kids in that game
  4. Also if you want to air stuck you there is a trick, Just jump then hit the bind for debug camera while in mid air, Kinda useless but just throwing it out there
  5. Also since I used to be a KGCheats customer will I get a discount?
  6. Hi, when the cheat goes on sale, how much will it be? Also sup how02, remember KGCheats from CSS.
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