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  1. you mean clara shouldnt open while streaming
  2. had to look up COD UO... released 13 yrs ago jesus. damn quite a list of modding, didnt have much modding experience but at that time I always tried to be the biggest glitch abuser in some games, more notably left 4 dead 1 and 2 lol game shark jesus throwback... that might actually be my first too LOL what is that menc9re?
  3. of course growing up I had always used the available cheats on the ps1 and earlier systems, but my earliest memories with hacking was with GunBound and Maplestory, around the same time. It was quite exhilarating using the aimbot on GB and vaccing on maple . what about you guys?
  4. hope this is of use in the near future when/if the hacks are released cant wait
  5. yeah perhaps same here, but maybe they'd people committed to the community or something as well. interested in seeing what happens
  6. definitely can relate . though I hope its kept invite-only, or something of the sort.
  7. havent seen FMA since I was a kid and it was on Adult Swim LOL. But ive heard really good things about it. +1 on the breaking bad! and watched half of Narcos, but it was a little too slow for me
  8. hm ill definitely check it out this week...
  9. yea ive actually only heard of Flash, Lucifer, and Blacklist... a friend has said Flash was really good, so definitely interested in watching it. he was always my go-to superpower as a kid lul. EDIT: just watched The 100 trailer... looks pretty intense, but I could see how it could be pretty bad too. would you say theres a ton more to it than the trailer shows? wouldnt want something like lost happening again, super build-up to a fairly disappointing enemy reveal lol editedit: now 12 monkeys looks real good
  10. actually havent heard of a lot of these... trailer time
  11. looking to donate soon, hacks/community seems to be developing fast
  12. saw someone complain about someone else flyhacking into their base... The whole server shat on him for being crazy lmao
  13. Inspired by "Watcha listenin to?" could be already watched, or currently watching my top 3: Attack on Titan Breaking Bad The first half of Sword Art Online (before the fairy stuff)
  14. i think youre working on GMOD and Arma 3 now? but this would be my top 3 in order GTA5 MP GMOD Arma 3
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