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  1. Hi. I was wondering if I use the cheat in the cracked version IF it's actually detected or if I will get banned . I was asking because i've been cheating a long time ago on cracked rust ( not using royalhack cheats ) and i've been not detected only banned by servers.
  2. Hi everyone I was wondering if it will be possible that when an admin spectates you on Rust could if it could be possible that the cheat itself will display an info telling u that an admin is spectating you. If this is possible that will be a very usefull tool to know when u have to deactivate the cheat to don't get caught too easy... Sorry for bad english
  3. I'm sorry but Beta testers doesn't exist anymore . The cheat has been released but you need to get invited by admins or trusted people.... Anyways welcome to Royalhack
  4. With the 3th question he is wondering if when (for example) you choose a Karambit Fade on skin changer If the name of the knife will be the default one or other one.
  5. That thread should be pinned down for new comming users that want buy the rust cheat
  6. I will try later. Anyways thanks alot
  7. I was wondering if someone knows the console command to Bind the Debugcamera to any letter. Have a nice day
  8. Does anybody know if when I use the ladder hack the admin can saw if I used it or if any information of "flying" gets posted on the admins log ?
  9. Nice job to the administrators ! I think that this is the best idea to get in touch with the public !
  10. The 30 euro subscription is for only 1 month ?? In this case there's a way to pay like 60 euro( for examle) and get a 3 month subscription ?? Also i was wondering if the debugcamera is on the 30 euro version or in the 40 euro ?
  11. I was watching some videos on Youtube and i found this guy that uploads videos of rust playing with cheats. Does anybody know if the cheat that is he using is Royalhack's one ? VIDEO -->
  12. Admins are discusing about that so just be patient for the hack release to see what the admins will have decided at the end .
  13. You just need to wait formthe release to see the actual price if the rust cheat
  14. He's basically saying that Rust Cheat is not for sales at the moment. And there's no specifications about what your asking for. You just need to wait until the cheat is released.
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