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  1. TLDR facepunch has been considering battleye instead of EAC, but EAC has improved time and time again They want to ban cheaters the day the cheat is detected instead of waiting to ban in waves They have not made a decision to switch to battleye
  2. Y3t1y3t's external silent nospread aimbot and esp for css and a few older cheats that I dont remember
  3. All of these features are doable and usefull aimbot with psilent and option to shoot teammates no spread, recoil chams, box esp, hp bar/value, weapon, name (with an option to show darkrp name) entity esp that you can customize show keypad codes bunnyhop with autostrafer namestealer most importantly bypass cake anti cheat as most servers use it
  4. Operating System: Windows 8.1 64bit ENGLISH I agree to RH Rules & BETA Program quick question, is the rust cheat internal or external?

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