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  1. Can I purchase the hack ? Yes https://royalhack.net/store/ Requirements ? Windows 7 32/64 Windows 8 32/64 Windows 10 32/64 Direct3D compatible graphic card. (should be in 99.99999% cases) Is the hack internal or external ? Hack is fully internal Can I edit my profile ? Only donators can (profile picture, cover picture, ...) What kind of hack is that ? We are focused on legit hacking Can I suggest Hack vs Hack Features ? Pointless, we will not add this kind of features. (AntiAim for example) We focus on selling safe hacks against anticheats, HvH in most games will get you banned because of the reports. HvH usually gets played on non secured server, hence you don't need Royal Hack and any public hvh hack will do the job for your own entertainment. HvHing on secured server is dumb because of reports, and we don't want people crying against us because they got banned. In some games, we might add some pure evil features, we will decide if that's a good idea or not for your own safety. Can I be refunded ? We only refund IF the hack is not working on your system, after investigation (we actually log the behaviour of our software on your system, see next point for more informations) What kind of data do you retrieve on my system ? The only system-specific data we retrieve is your Hardware ID (HWID*), otherwise our software will only communicate some debugging information useful for us to diagnose your issues like if your injection was/wasn't successful, few type of errors ... Can I get banned using RH ? If we are selling, then we are sure about our security. But shit can happen, game development studios, nowadays, invests money & time into tracking down hackers, so we are never 100% protected with any kind of solutions especially when it's being sold massively and the fact that the anticheat team can grab our software to make deep analysis of our behavior. If you think you can protect your hacking better than we do, we don't force you to buy, and congrats. Rage behavior is dangerous in most recent games because of reports, you can be banned this way, and that's not our fault in anyway. Can I try out the cheat ? Usually, Aimbot and ESP packages are really cheap, we might add some Trial plan later on at cheaper price, but you can already go with these to get a first overlook of our product. You can also check our YouTube channel to see in-use videos of our hacks, so you can make yourself a good idea of what we offer. I need help !! For sales you can use the Support system with "Sales Department" if you have issues If you have pre-sales questions about the hack or whatever, you can use the public forums "Pre-Sales Questions", we will get back to you shortly For software / hack issues or suggestions, you MUST use the private area. Can I share my account / software ? Completly forbidden and logged, you will be banned without warning, sorry. The piece of software you download is unique and account-specific, it's also CONFIDENTIAL. Using it on another system might have unexepected behaviour, you are warned and we are not responsible. What's the difference between Aimbot, ESP and Full Packages ? Aimbot includes all features related to aiming assistance ESP includes all features related to visual assistance Full includes both Aimbot & ESP, all in one. Aimbot, ESP and Full packages always includes the following Config Manager Bind Manager GUI Secure Loader I bought Aimbot/ESP, can I upgrade to Full ? You can upgrade from Aimbot to Full You can upgrade from ESP to Full You can't merge both Aimbot & ESP into Full (so don't buy both). HWID ? I want to format my computer ... On your first login, your Royal Hack account will be linked to your computer, permanently. You will not be able to use the client with your account on any other PC that the one registered. If you want to use the client on another computer, you will have to buy an HWID Force Reset on our store to validate the new hardware. Re-installing Windows, will not change your HWID, only hardware upgrades will. *HWID: Non exhaustive list of what kind of data we can retrieve/log: HDD Number CPU GPU Motherboard (including BIOS firmware version) Operating System Session name IP Basically a complete hardware cartography is possible. We never read your filesystem for any kind of personal data or whatever, we ain't royalrat. To be completed.
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