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Found 3 results

  1. Team Fortress 2 Hack free weekend !

    Hello everyone This week end, the Team Fortress 2 Hack will be free for everyone ! And you can also win 1 year of TF2 Hack for free ! Contest is simple, the best rage video on YouTube using Royal Hack will win ! Just reply to that thread with your YouTube video to participate. Bring your hacking buddies, and pwn everyone on Team Fortress 2 Free weekend start: 17/02/2017 8PM Free weekend end: 19/02/2017 10PM 1 Year Contest end: 24/02/2017 1AM
  2. TF2 Hack sales are open

    Hello everyone ! TF2 Hack FULL version is now available for purchase !
  3. Just pasting this info so new people know Incase you didn't know, there's 3 different ban types in CS:GO. There's "Untrusted", "Cheating Infraction" and "Convicted". I'll go through these now. UNTRUSTED http://i.gyazo.com/e96d2e39d45a892928136906d488de86.png (Old image, Untrusted bans are permanent!) Untrusted bans are caused by using detected features of a cheat in MM. This could be NoSpread / NoRecoil. Using these features in MM will quickly lead to an untrusted ban and will be converted into a VAC ban within 24 hours. CHEATING INFRACTION http://i.gyazo.com/ee486feb0b5690e10d4f3fb9aca0a4a3.png You will receive this message if the cheat has been detected. Note VAC bans can be caused by different cheats, so if you've used a different hack provider in a 2-6 week period, they could of been the detected one. CONVICTED BY OVERWATCH - MAJORLY DISRUPTIVE http://i.gyazo.com/c1250675deeab83f62d83371011e30fe.png (Old image, Overwatch bans are permanent!) This is caused when you were reported in MM, and a member of Overwatch has watched over your game, then classifying you as a cheater. This gets you a permanent ban from Matchmaking and Casual servers. Hopefully this can clear things up for people when they get banned...

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