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  1. I personally think the visual style is fine, better than some ugly boxes I've seen, I agree there could be a few more visual options but that's not really needed/high priority as of now. Unstuck and how02 have been working on multiple game cheats recently so chams and sound esp hasn't been a high priority. As for the price, the cheat is really HQ and decent and easily worth it's buck imho, the cheat's security is also great, being completely undetected on vacs current modules. I doubt you will find anything as HQ for 12 euros. However it's your review but just because it's missing those 2 features doesn't make it a bad cheat by any means.
  2. I love it on pistols and snipers, I use psilent on them though and smooth for rifles.
  3. I'm in, thanks for another giveaway. =)
  4. I'm in, need some new skins for my semi main Thanks for the giveaway! gl people.
  5. I'm in, thanks for doing this giveaway! =)
  6. Hey everyone, I've been using the beta for just around 1 month now and now the cheat is here I thought i'd leave my feedback and thoughts here. FEATURES: Aimbot - The aimbot is amazing, it can be used for legit play but also for rage. The prediction is some of the best I've seen. Visual/ESP - Every visual option you can think like, loot esp, resource esp, monument esp, player esp (ofc). Miscellaneous - This contains some of the best stuff IMO, you can turn off spread, recoil, and swaying and the ladder hack is just so OP for raiding. (Especially when they don't block off their roof ) Lots more stuff too, like the water hack which is so useful for getting away from firefights. Functionality - Functionality wise, this is one of the best cheats I've used, it's flexible and easy to use and great for my needs. PERFORMANCE/SECURITY: I've personally have not encountered any issues with FPS drops or game stability, I always have around the same FPS with or without the cheat running. On the security side of things, I don't have any doubt it how02's or unstuck's programming capability and the cheat has been fine so far with no bans reported and most likely won't be, injection is also easy as can be. SUMMARY: Overall the cheat is amazing if you can get your hands on it, the price is well justified for the amount of work hours and effort put into it, plus how02 and unstuck are constantly adding updates and new features. Gucci cheat, 10/10. PS: I can't do a decent thread design for shit.
  7. My boy finally bought it, told ya it was good.
  8. I've been using it almost everyday and I'm not banned, it's currently undetected.
  9. Hey, I got a few ideas. =) . Cake anti cheat bypass, since a lot of servers have it installed. . Silent Aim/No Spread (If possible?) . Speedhack (Don't know if it's still possible) . Money Printer ESP (For DarkRP) . Screengrab Bypass . Keypad Cracker
  10. As far as I'm aware the beta is closed till the official release which will be around a month or less.
  11. Just in full at the moment. =)
  12. Operating System: Windows 10 64 bit, english. I agree to RH Rules & BETA Program. Just got my third month of the CS:GO cheat which is fantastic, I'm also a avid rust player and been waiting for a decent cheat to release, hopefully I'll get a chance to beta test it.
  13. Yeah, that's what I'm using too. It feels a bit like pSilent, still a actual pSilent option would be better
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