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When the Rust cheat gets released (Guide to avoid bans/detections))


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    We all won't want our cheat to get detecded when it gets released so i decided to inform you guys about what can be done to protect our cheats from getting detected or saving ourselves from unwanted admin bans.

Aimbot: Aimbot is an essential part of the cheat. It will help you to keep yourself safe when you face people with insane aims. The first thing you should remember is aimbot should be used with caution so tweak your settings which won't show you like an aim god dropped from a heaven. Miss some shots occasionally and get help from your esp to simply stay alive. If you find yourself in a gun fight against three armed people just don't give them instant headshots in row. Rust actually keeps a record of your statistics. Some players might be also video recording.

ESP: This is where you make the actual difference, where you have the control. Use it wisely and you will never have to lose your advantage to regular players. First thing you have to understand is that regular players will never know that you are using ESP if you use it smart. Let's say that you are hiding behind any kind of barricade and the player that is competing against you is behind an another one, in this situation don't shoot the victim the exact time he peaks. Give it a time, shoot the opposite side. You will eventually have a clear sight to shoot him which will look legit. Remember, you have the control.

No Spread/Recoil/Reload: I don't advice you to use these features if you want to look legit, but if you think you can hide them well you might use them as well. Just don't make it too obvius.

Speed Hack/Super Jump/No Fall Damage etc: This is where we get caught the most and desire the most.  If you are a patient person i would advice not to use them. If you insist on using them just use the advantage of your ESP. Do not use them when people are near or if they are in a position which they can see you. A video record most likely will lead to a ban. Be cautious!

Fast Gather: This sweet feature will help you to get your base up and running in no time. In other words you can build a safe heaven without having the fear of losing everything. To use this feature safely there are some vital rules to be followed. Do not use this all the time, go kill some nakeds in the meantime. Do not build a base as big as mt everest in two hours. In official servers people are well aware of this function. Consult your dear ESP when using it and again, take caution!

General Advice: Become a well known person in the server that you are playing at. Be kind to the people, never let go of your maturity. Keep yourself away from childish and abusive arguments. Let people respect you. That way it is harder for people to decide whether you are a cheater or not. And the most important is that there is always a risk when using a cheat. Don't be surprised if you get banned.

Note: If the cheat comes out invite only, do not give any detailed information to untrusted people you meet on internet, Rust or cheating forums. They may insist to know more about it and may actually offer a lot of money which will be way much more than the price that has been set. In this situation i suppose you can inform a staff member. (Rust developers actually buy the cheats to counter them.)

Thank you for taking your time and reading my guide. I've used a lot of cheats for so many games and i've kept my accounts safe for long times. If you liked it or if you didn't like it please leave a comment so i can evaluate myself to give you better advices. It is up to us to keep our cheat safe. Happy cheating!

PS: Sorry for bad english!



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Nice information here, i know what its like to get carried away while using a hack so it's best to use these tips to stay on the safe side. I am just mainly looking forward to using the ESP so should be all good xD

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10 minutes ago, tweet228 said:

thank you for that information but i think who cheated like 2-3 week known this but for newbies cool !

Yes new cheaters will have a hard time to stay safe. And sometimes experienced cheaters can forget to stay safe too. This way the cheat will be safer and harder to detect. Thank you for your feedbacks.

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Thank you :) Rust is one of those games you just don't rage in. Not only will you likely get banned, but you don't want to ruin people's hours of work in seconds. Play responsibly.

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Just now, jaydoc said:

Me too 9_9 Has anyone got some inside information on how close it is to being released?

70% sure people already getting invited.... they are gonna release a dev update today or tomorrow

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