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39 minutes ago, how02 said:

We're aware they are using BattlEye. We already have a working bypass for it (successfully tested on H1Z1).


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3 hours ago, Willominano said:

Will i be able to buy the cheats when they are done ?

It will most likely be invite only or manually reviewed and slotted

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48 minutes ago, Kirito said:

The price have to be high because a hack for H1z1 or PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is very rare nowadays.

I mean pu br just came out today that's why it's rare.

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1 minute ago, Sarrowy said:

Это долгий путь FeelsBadMan

I do not think so, I believe that cheats for H1Z1 and PUBG will come out approximately at the same time, because both games use anti-cheat BattleEye, hence the method of bypass is similar

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On 28.04.2017 at 7:53 PM, dengil said:

cant wait for both hacks. H1Z1 and PUBG

I'm afraid that the cheats for PUBG and H1Z1 will not appear soon.

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