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  1. 4NN1H1L4710N

    Fortnut or pubg

    pubg, i dont like the cartoon style in games, thats why i prefere dota2 over lol
  2. 4NN1H1L4710N


    so they will be using battleeye + eac, they must be realy butthurt. i have cheated for a few months in pubg and only encountered 1 person who were using an esp.
  3. 4NN1H1L4710N


    this method doesn't work guys
  4. 4NN1H1L4710N

    Pubg player

    thank you, i didnt know about this site yet
  5. 4NN1H1L4710N

    Fornite VS pubg wich one is better ??

    i prefere PUBG because i dont like the comic style and building in fortnite
  6. 4NN1H1L4710N

    How did you guys find out about royalhack

    a guy at HF told me about RH last year
  7. 4NN1H1L4710N

    How do you guys feel about hacking??

    i feel the same bro, when i slay legit solo players and they are saying "plz dont take my stuff etc." i feel kinda bad, i just take a few things that i really need and help them up again. i'm playing most of the time solo and target groups of 2+, thats doesnt make me feel bad
  8. 4NN1H1L4710N

    When did people start cheating?

    i've started with cheating when i was 12 years old i think, OGC Hook by p4tr1ck and d0m1n1k was my first cheat for counterstrike 1.3 i think. after stomping a lot of public server i started cheating in leagues like ESL at that time, i've ranked up pretty high top 100 at the german 1on1 ladder, then my cheat got detected and i've been banned

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