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  1. just h1z1 is a total bs.
  2. 18 years. prob became too old for dat shit
  3. mass defect 3 and whole defect 4 was sad. apb reloading was sad total hackfest multiplayer games are sad: gta 5, division, warframe, no honor, h1z1, rust. flyhax srsly?
  4. wtf royalhax? i teached gurl how to hax, then she leaked shits to public. dats was awful
  5. im too old for dis secure streaming = you can see esp & shits, but dont stream it. option to disable shits is not an option, its a bs next lvl - invisible shits on window capture
  6. notDog


    just dont use viewproj matrix for 2d shits. you hav no lazors, so everything is 2d cache vertex shits for 1 texture is ok too
  7. notDog


    h1z1, which still early access shit from 2105? o_o
  8. ~10 years old Diagonal 23"; 58.4cm Aspect ratio 16 : 9 Panel IPS Native resolution Full HD 1080p, 1920 x 1080 ( 2.1 megapixel) Brightness 250 cd/m² typical Static contrast 1000 : 1 typical Advanced contrast 5 000 000 : 1 ACR Response time 5 ms Viewing zone horizontal/vertical: 178°/ 178°; right/left: 89°/ 89°; up/down: 89°/ 89° Display colour 16.7 million Display area h x w 286.4 x 509.2 mm; 11.3" x 20" Pixel pitch h x v 0.2652 x 0.2652 mm Horizontal sync 24 - 80 KHz Vertical sync 55 - 75 Hz Synchronization Separate sync
  9. 1st hax.. i was roleplayin gurls to get admin passwords or gear or shits to avoid grindfest
  11. notDog

    New OS

    wut if i play from work, home, moms laptop and want 3 different hwids?
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