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  1. lmao. This is the best hacker-royalhack
  2. Welcome to here, only invited by trusted people or you are actively active will be invited by the administrator good luck
  3. It is very good, it will help a lot of new people, but they do not necessarily see. They will only want to get an invitation, it is very troublesome
  4. no. They do not necessarily be friends with you, you only often chat with them is possible to become friends
  5. Battlegrounds hackers have not yet released, waiting for release
  6. Agree, support royalhack, he is great
  7. That's good .This will help some new users, support royalhack.
  8. You need a trusted person to invite, or you are very active active you will get hackers. good luck
  9. Only need to be active and active, you will get hackers, begging you will not get hackers. Donations, the administrator will randomly select some lucky people good luck.
  10. Know some trusted users, get their invitations, you will get, or are very active and active. Good luck. Buddy
  11. Need to be trusted to invite, or very active good luck
  12. release a thread title (invitation) on it Wait for the administrator to confirm,If you succeed, you will get hackers I wish you success. lol
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