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  1. Spills


    Stay active, contribute to the community forums and get chatting on discord and you'll eventually get invited. Though you need to do it because you genuinely want to and not just for the invite. Good luck.
  2. Spills

    I'm a ninja

    Nope lol
  3. Spills

    I'm a ninja

    Oh, don't forget the aftermath screeny:
  4. Spills

    I'm a ninja

    Haha I was literally so amazed that they were just opening doors for me
  5. Spills

    I'm a ninja

    Must of thought I was in their clan hehe Part 1 https://puu.sh/v3NYQ/aaff78c92b.mp4 Part 2 https://puu.sh/v3O8j/84eaa3c55d.mp4 Aftermath
  6. Spills


    Im in Gimme gimme
  7. Spills

    Honest Rust Review

    Yeah, the rust hack is looking pretty amazing. Hoping to get in on it soon. I've tried a couple of other providers but they lack the features and security that Royal Hack seems to provide.
  8. Spills

    TF2 Hack Review

    Thanks, I guess? lol
  9. Spills

    TF2 Hack Review

    Hi all, I've only been using the TF2 hack for a day now, but here is my review so far. AIMBOT - 10/10 The aimbot is great, I have no complaints at all. The projectile prediction was definitely the best thing about it. I was hitting crazy shots with the huntsman across long distances which really surprised me. There is a plethora of customisation options, for every type of weapon, you could probably spend lots of time making the aimbot suit your play-style. VISUALS - 9/10 The visuals are really nice, they are clean and easy to see. The only reason I'm not giving this a 10/10 was because I encountered a horrible bug which rendered it useless. Sometimes the ESP renders completely off of the enemy, the only work around is to change resolution. I have faith the developers will fix this soon as the cheat is still relatively new. Other than that, great job. MISC - 10/10 Everything works as intended, I can't really think of anything that it's missing. STABILITY - 9/10 The hack its self runs really smooth, and I didn't have any issues with the cheat client, though my game did crash on a few occasions. Mostly when joining servers for the first time. As said before, I'm aware the cheat is fairly new and I'm sure these minor issues will be fixed with time. I can't complain. OVERALL - 9/10 I've tried TF2 hacks with other providers and I'll definitely say Royal Hack is up there with the best of them. For their pricing, I can't really see anyone else really beating them once they've ironed out a couple of bugs and crashes. I would recommend.
  10. Ah this is great, I was looking into purchases this. Glad I can try before I buy. Cheers guys.

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