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  1. Easy Anti-Anti Cheat Written and developed by Spills and Smurfman Introduction EAAC is a tool designed to help aid in the deletion and evasion of EasyAntiCheat, so we can freely cheat our asses off in games like Rust. EAAC will delete any EAC related files, registry keys, services, drivers and more. It will also spoof multiple things about your computer, this includes: hard-drive serial numbers, CPU, GPU, Machine GUIDs, User GUIDs, Windows Product ID, Windows Update Client ID, Bios Vendor, system manufacturer and few other things. List of features (tl;dr) Deletes EAC files, registry keys, services and drivers. Deletes Facepunch related registry keys and files Deletes Steam Logs and userdata Spoofs your Machine GUID Spoofs your User GUID Spoofs your Hard Drive serial numbers. Spoofs your CPU Spoofs your GPU Spoofs your BIOS Vendor Spoofs your System Manufacturer Spoofs your Windows Product ID Spoofs your Windows Update Client ID .. and with more to come at a later date. Screenshot Requirements No internet connection is required, nor does the application attempt to connect to the internet at any point. Administrator Privileges .NET Framework 4.5.2 (download) Probably need a 64 bit System. (untested on 32 bit) A brain. Virus Scans VirusTotal Scan Metadefender Scan Credits Thanks to @how02 and @UnstucK for their research and cooperation. DOWNLOAD LINK {Removed} Please follow the instructions carefully, feel free to ask any questions down below.

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